A guy named Chris McKenna made a video reminiscent of Sesame Street (in a cool way), to serve as the invite to his wedding in a few weeks. It’s set to Vampire Weekend’s “M79,” and it’s pretty mesmerizing with a lot of funny touches. It even has a cute GPS/Google Street View joke (but is not marketing, I assume). The video has the address of the wedding, so hopefully when it achieves viral status the good people of the internet will know to not actually show up. Cool:

This could have been half-assed. I love when things are better than they have to be. (Via Neatorama.)

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  1. I just drooled a little.

  2. the street view loading… is genius i loved that

  3. Based on this invite I’d be disappointed if the reception isn’t catered by someone like Mario Batali and DJ’d by Daft Punk.

  4. Having attempted stop-motion animation as a film student, I am 100% qualified to say this is awesome!

    His name is Corey McKenna, btw, not Chris.

  5. That was fantastic. Totally makes me feel like I wasted two hours of my life helping my sister assemble and stuff her PAPER invitations a couple of weeks ago. Oh wait, I felt that way before I saw this video.

  6. Someone has too much times on they hands. Or maybe I’m just bitter that I’ll never find someone willing to make a stop-motion animation video to our wedding. Then again I can’t get married…because of gay.

  7. So cool!!! I want to get married to Corey McKenna!

  8. I will reluctantly give a point to Cincinnati for this one. Mayyybe it’s not as terrible as I thought.

  9. Trevor  |   Posted on Jun 4th, 2009 +9

    “I love when things are better than they have to be.”

    Yes. Thanks for that.

  10. You know, most people just write down the date and time and place on a piece of paper and mail it to people, but, uh, yeah, ok. Pretty impressive video. Looks like it took a year to make.

  11. That must have haven forever to make. Way cool.

  12. i now feel like the laziest fiance ever.

  13. aw i love this.

  14. That suit has a more exciting life than me.

  15. Dear people in love,

    The bar has been raised.

  16. Who is Rachel and Corey? Obviously the best couple ever, that’s who. Smiles all around.

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  18. minifigs  |   Posted on Jun 4th, 2009 +13

    My girlfriend must never, ever, see this video.

  19. Ivan Idea  |   Posted on Jun 4th, 2009 +2

    I wouldn’t have been surprised if this was an NBC plug for Pam and Jim’s wedding.

  20. Maybe I’m just bitter but all I could think was some combination of “couldn’t find a place with hardwoods?” and “TWEEEEEE”

  21. They drove by my house! That’s so cool.

  22. stafford  |   Posted on Jun 5th, 2009 0

    Who told you Cincinnati is terrible? It’s not all shadowhares and race riots round these parts. As someone who grew up in the east coast megalopolis, I find the city rather pleasant and beautiful. I bet we could get a few more reluctant points if you let us.


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