Remember when Kanye West was just a talented artist trying to get himself known? This video for “Spaceship,” unreleased for the past five years but now suddenly released, is from back then.

No outrageous boasting or Lady Ga Ga outfits or rhymes about owning too many houses. This is pre-gay fish, you guys. Just an earnest yet lightly comical rap about working in the mall and dreaming of better things. Relatable! I’ve been to the Gap!

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  1. Aah…relatable. A foreign concept in most hip-hop these days unfortunately.

  2. I never realized that this is where Aziz got his “five beats a day for 3 summers” bit from

    So basically Aziz has been making Kanye jokes since Kanye jokes were possible. Go Aziz!

    • Props to him for clearing being a fan and then getting to hang out with the dude. That’s like if somehow three years from now I’d get to chill with Robert Downey or something.

      But that joke annoys me cause making a beat is more than what Aziz makes it out to be. As in not just a different drum pattern. And Aziz knows that. I still get the joke and all, but that’s withholding information for comedy. And goddamnit, we need morals in stand up comedy or this isn’t America.

  3. While his music has gotten better, the man has gotten progressively worse. Come back to us, Kanye.

  4. I’ll admit it: I like Kanye. Baby Kanye and Full Nightmare Kanye. I just listen to the music and ignore his blog, his outbursts, all the goofy public persona stuff. Sure, the music can be hit-or-miss at times, but as long as I can ignore the ALL CAPS Kanye, I’m happy with what he records.

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  6. You gotta admit you have to like a man who urges people to just “LET ME BE GREAT”, rants about typing so hard that he almost broke his Mac Air and the ultimate quote – “ITS CALLED A GLOW IN THE DARK TOUR FOR A REASON SQUIDBRAINS!”

    That’s just pure funny.

    • Exactly! And because I’m a nerd I like to dissect his rants and make found poetry and haikus out of them. It’s really fun! An example:


  7. Can someone explain to me why it is ok for Kanye West to rhyme with the same word in consecutive lines…..

    He does this alot. Its really annoying.

    “No need to find a word that rhymes with up, ill just use up again.”

  8. Kanye West is a cyborg.

  9. Normal Kanye is a boring Kanye.

  10. I’m so old. I still listen to Baby Kanye, and I didn’t even realize there was an Tween Kanye out there making all this noise. I’m going back to Gabe’s front porch to drink lemonade and wave my shotgun at the kids playing on the leaf pile…

  11. mcP  |   Posted on Jun 3rd, 2009 +8

    So I guess I’m the only person whose favorite Kanye song is this one, by far? Basically been listening to this song non-stop since Late Registration came out.

  12. while i enjoy vaguely normal kanye west, i still think he’s a terrible singer and should have stopped way back then.

  13. Don’t get me started about my high school jobs. . .

  14. bwahaha  |   Posted on Jun 5th, 2009 0

    I take a shot every time Stereogum posts something about Kanye West, and an additional shot every time they mention “Gay-Fish.” Thanks for continually keeping me drunk, Stereogum.

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