This is the demo reel for professional stuntman Damien Walters (via FilmDrunk). CORRECTION: this is this year’s demo reel for Damien Walters. You can see last year’s here, if your mind is not blown enough by this video. Dude is bananz. One time he met Danny McAskill and was like “Bikes? Where I’m going I don’t need any…bikes.”

I wish Damien Walters was my dad. But if he was my dad I would be like “dad, you have terrible taste in music.” I’m sure that it takes a lot of pumping up to be this incredible, but the soundtrack to this video is worse than this guy’s Top 5 Rock Workout Songs. How can you be so imaginative in how to remove clothing while doing flips, but so unimaginative when it comes to your soundtrack. Perhaps if he was a stuntman in the post-Apocalypse, but he’s not. You don’t have to buy your coffee on the black market or eat your children (yet). Let’s throw some Carpenters on there, or some My Bloody Valentine. Something off of the new John Mulaney stand up comedy album, whatever. Change it up! Flip the script. Get it? Because you do flips. So many flips. Flipheads.

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  2. how can i be this man

  3. Yeah that’s cool and all, but the best part is that now I have an idea for a new business venture: a gymnastics strip club. The clothes come off while the strippers are going flips and shit!

  4. Flip it ninja! I bet this guy has so much trouble walking in a straight, horizontal line down the sidewalk.

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    This guy’s got shoes made out of flubber.

  6. i can’t wait parkour to take off! it’s gonna be awesome, man.

    the guy should be in gymnastics, though, or else a b-movie studio is gonna snatch him up with the promise of some cool Hollywood money (Transmorphers 5) or something.
    that or Jerry Bruckheimer.

  7. I just filled my quota of action movies this year with this 3 minute clip. LePump1 saved me like 12 hours of lines like “I’m the juggernaut, bitch!”

    (OK I actually love that line.)

  8. athieno  |   Posted on May 28th, 2009 +5

    i am shockingly charmed whenever he looks at the camera and gives a thumbs up. like, really charmed.

  9. Absolutely incredible.

  10. OH WOW I have had this script for an action movie for years about a guy who can do tons and tons of flips to get in and out of intense adrenaline driven situations involving the handovers of cases and shipping ports and foundrys and revenge. But most importantly, I wanted to say EN OH to all that CGI bullshit so I wrote it about a human who flips over and over and away from bullets, thinking that it’d be IMPOSSIBLE to film. AT LAST WHAT I HAVE IMAGINED CAN BE REAL.

  11. hot body on that one. i sooooo would.
    but i bet his hands are really calloused from grabbing concrete walls and shit – still would though. good exfoliation for MY ASS….

  12. john mulaney’s new album is so good! not to mention with an A+ pic of him on the cover. nice back door plug!
    also i can’t figure out why i can’t post this logged in, i’ve logged in like 3 times now

  13. I posted this goodness on my blog yesterday a full 45 minutes before it appeared here.
    - I also referenced Danny MacAskill.
    - I also made note of the need for better music.
    - I also recommended that people check out his past showreels.

    I call shenanigans and challenge VideoGum to a McG/Michael Bay style dong measuring war!

    PS in the post above mine you can find the phrase “Back door plug.”

  14. I have a video of myself just like this in a cupboard somewhere, but i do crosswords instead of flips. The tone is just as self congratulatory though.

  15. Yes, but is he smarter than a 5th grader?

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