The Onion News Network: “We have about 2400 photos of the cigarette falling out of his hand from about 14 different angles. Within moments of the fire breaking out 45 people had called the fire department and 38 people had twittered it.” This is really funny. Don’t miss it:

Looks like this video has already ignited a Twitter meme: #fire. So, like, use it if you want people to know you saw this Onion video. (Hopefully it won’t interfere with what appears to be some sort of real fire news going on over there.)

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  1. News ticker: “Face of Jesus found on 360 Million Year Old Dinosaur Bone.” Genius.

  2. This video demonstrates why I love/hate easily accessible digital photo/video technology.

  3. I really really hate posing for/taking pictures. I don’t need pictures to ‘capture memories’. I have a brain for that

  4. This…


    Between people attempting to take the perfect Facebook profile shot, making sure all their friends feel included in every time the camera is pulled out, Twit-picing things they think are funny… parties are permanently lit with flash.

    I’m more of the “no one cares I’m at a party, it’s just a party, everyone has been to a party, please do not take 100 photos of me and upload them to god knows where acting like we are the most popular people eva because we are tagged in 60,000 photos on facebook of us in dark rooms with arms around random people while we all are holding drinks” run-on sentence mentality.

  5. I can’t tell where my new falcon tattoo ends and the second degree burns begin, from the #FIRE

  6. The Onion understands life (no The Room)… such nuanced hilarity.

    holla if YOUR at the #FIRE….. brilliant. brilliant.
    *golf clap*

  7. Anyone else think Falcon guy looks like Joshua David Stein from Gawker? Actually, don’t answer that. I just grossed myself out with that high level of internet groupie-ness.

  8. you know what? the more I think about it, the more this seems like actually reporting – and less like satire.

    i was @ a Drake concert on Friday at which a fight and subsequent ass-shooting took place (seriously, someone got shot in the right buttock) and video and photos of the night were subpoenaed for evidence – so somewhere in a CPD evidence room is video of me climbing on stage to dance with a marginally famous hipster rapper – WHILE taking pics of him with my phone….
    *reevaluates direction of life*

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