Maybe everyone wouldn’t give youthful NBC co-chairman Ben Silverman such a hard time if he didn’t do things like get Rob Morrow (Northern Exposure) to tape him “singing the blues” while Fisher Stevens (Short Circuit) played harmonica in their fancy extra-plush towels in the ritzy locker room of their luxury ski resort in this video that went up on YouTube last night. I don’t know why it exists, it’s not even funny (or intelligible!). Nice necklace, dude!

The worst thing about this is the fact that, since it’s been up for over 12 hours, that means Ben Silverman WANTS it up and WANTS us to see it. (Via NY Mag’s Daily Intel.)

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  1. I think he’s allowing this to be up because he wants to show off his “ripped” bod (like Marc Jacobs), yet he’s not “ripped” and should keep his shirt on (like Marc Jacobs).

  2. I think my day would be marginally better if I didn’t know this video exists.

  3. I hate everyone in that room.

  4. sarah palin  |   Posted on May 14th, 2009 -1

    only rich white fratassholes sing the blues

  5. “It’s locker room.. with Fish, Rob and Ben”

    New on NBC*

    *Adapted from Mexican series Dressyroom with Burro, Pablo and Miguel

  6. Here’s the REAL MJ Barftown; Population: My mouth

  7. I wouldn’t be surprised if they made a show about his singing in random hotels.

  8. I truth, ben silverman’s girlfriend is whatshername who played Jan on the office

  9. Of course he wants you to see it. He worked hard on it and thinks it’s fucking hilarious. He’s very proud of his lil nugget.

  10. 5 ALIVE!!!!!! but seriously, i thought he was going to murder the fat guy at the end.

  11. I think this serves as a nice 1-minute allegory for all of Hollywood. Unfunny, half-naked, filmed and disseminated for no apparent reason. (I said disseminated, right?)

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