As a Florida State University dropout, I’m uniquely qualified to snicker at last night’s Daily Show field piece, wherein (big word!) Jason Jones travels to Arizona State University to ask students why their college is denying graduation speaker Barack Obama an honorary degree. It’s the lowest hanging of fruit for ridicule, and basically the most obvious field piece that could possibly be done this week, but somehow it still works! Let’s be really generous in our hearts and assume that there are plenty of Arizona State students who are smart — in fact, too smart to talk to The Daily Show. And let’s laugh at the other ones.

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When the one chick at the party said “He (bleeeeep), why should he get an honorary degree?”, I totally thought she said something much worse than “hasn’t done shit.” Sorry to misunderestimate you, Arizona State.

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  1. “Threesome says what?”
    “I’ve heard that ASU is the Harvard of date rape”

    • I like how they ask each other if they said what, and then are relieved as if they would be obligated if one of them did say what.

  2. As an ASU graduate, I’m sorry you guys :( .
    “The Harvard of date rape” = True

  3. i love the middle guy’s shit eating overconfidence at his friend’s knowledge that ben franklin wasn’t a president…”that was good.” you got them guys! simple history.

  4. Isn’t this the state that refuses to recognize Martin Luther King day as a national holiday? As they say in my golf management class, “par for the course.”

  5. No No No. That cannot be a degree. That’s the kind of thing a guy would tell you on a date from hell. “I have a degree in golf management.”
    Did you really drop out of FSU Lindsay? I’m glad I didn’t go there. It seems like the ASU of Florida schools.

  6. As a student at the University of Arizona in Tucson, I highly appreciated this segment. . .

  7. joe  |   Posted on May 13th, 2009 +40

    As a major in golf management, is a lower grade better?

  8. A FSU dropout eh? As a Miami grad all I have to say is: “That explains a lot.” “GO CANES!” “WOO!” and “Welcome to adultscaringaboutcollegiatesportsrivalriesgum!”

    • bree  |   Posted on May 13th, 2009 +11

      well, as a UGA grad, i’m gonna have to see this and raise you some obnoxious barking to the tune of “who let the dogs out”. and then shoot myself for good measure.

    • I might as well chime in and say that as a U. of Florida grad, we’re like the Harvard of Florida schools, or something (???).

      Any other Florida and/or SEC school alums out there to add to this increasingly boring chain of comments?

  9. “did YOU say what?”

    like if one of them had said what they’d be contractually bound to participate in a threesome.

    that’s just science.

  10. I’m in grad school at Northern Arizona University and can verify, we have kids that dumb.
    Chicago is fucking cold!

  11. “we’re like the Harvard of scholastic,” YES! but also absolutely not.

  12. Wait, so if this is the standard of the ASU student body, why the fuck is the leader of the goddamn free world giving their commencement address? Obama should call them up and say, “Sorry guys, I’ve got a previous engagement concerning my job. It’s SOOO demanding!” and then sent Janet Napolitano or Rahm Emanuel in his place.

  13. Kevin  |   Posted on May 14th, 2009 +1

    Yea, the bigger question is how did Obama ever get slated to speak at ASU in the first place?

    • bree  |   Posted on May 14th, 2009 0

      it’s good old fashioned politickin- he’s trying to reach out to young impressionable voters in a state that’s tottering on the red/blue line. at least that’s my read. same reason why he’s going to notre dame. dont get me wrong, i like the man and the fact that he’s president, but this is just straight up him being a shrewd politician.

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