Are you not watching the Paul Rudd-produced Starz original series Party Down? The one about the struggling actor cater waiters in LA, where each episode takes place at a different party? It’s okay, I was once like you until last weekend: thinking that a show on Starz couldn’t be that good because it was presumably rejected by HBO and Showtime, or thinking that a show that was available for free in its entirety online before the first episode even aired couldn’t be that good because we all like our comedy shows like we like our men or women: hard to get.

Or maybe you really love Paul Rudd, and were worried that if you actually watched the show and didn’t love it, something in your heart might change, a nearly imperceptible but un-ignorable switch would suddenly be pulled, and you could never appreciate PR the same way you did before. (Probably not, because that’s just my kind of crazy.)

ANYway, if you, like me, have neglected watching Party Down on any of the approximately 18 platforms upon which it is available to you, in some cases free of charge, don’t beat yourself up. It’s not too late to catch up on the funniest new show since Eastbound And Down. You should just trust me, but if all this isn’t enough, here are some overly sincere and gushy reasons why.

3. Jane Lynch. Jane Lynch. Jane Lynch! I know from IMDB where Jane Lynch has been all my life (in literally every TV show, from Empty Nest to Friends), and where she’s been for the past few years (in every decent comedy) but suddenly Jane Lynch is the best comic actress on the planet. Jane Lynch is a comedy hero.

2. The rest of the cast, particularly Ken Marino. It’s about time Ken Marino starred in something, and his desperate, gullible catering manager character is like a smarter but more hapless (and accidentally racist) Kenneth The Page. And if you saw Step Brothers and thought the guy who played the asshole brother was typecast as an asshole forever, Adam Scott will surprise you as the show’s jaded struggling actor protagonist. Even the show’s hot chick, Lizzy Caplan, is smart and funny.

1. It’s so crazy audacious and dirty! Watching it, you actually find yourself wondering if HBO could get away with a show like this (before Eastbound, at least.) The first episode I saw co-starred Ken Marino wearing a prosthetic penis. And unlike shows that resort to dirty stuff for cheap laughs, Party Down‘s dirty jokes are earned.

So everyone go right now and watch Party Down. It’s still not too late to keep it from getting canceled. I’ve seen seven of the ten episodes, and all were hilarious, but if you want to start out with the best so far, watch episode 106, Taylor Stiltskin’s Sweet Sixteen. It guest stars J.K. Simmons, which is basically all anyone needs to know to watch it. Yes, we are having fun yet! (Thanks to approximately twenty people, but especially Clayton, Michele, and Izzy for the tips-slash-convincing arguments.)

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  1. Josh  |   Posted on May 6th, 2009 +5


    I don’t have anything clever to say, but I want to say how much I love this show and am glad I am not alone (because it isn’t covered anywhere, I was afraid I was). And yes, the whole cast is great. I think the pretty boy is very good in addition to the ones you mentioned. I normally love Martin Starr, but think his character has gotten kind of tired already. But I love Scott and Lynch and Marino and Caplan.

  2. Agreed 100%. I hope it keeps going. The premise is great, since its always at a different party, they can easily introduce new stories and guest stars aren’t forced.

  3. da best show on rite now is da dedleist warriers it has liek old warriers and dey see which is da best one liek um dey had a pirate and a night and da pirate won!!

    • blurp  |   Posted on May 6th, 2009 +2

      You are like Videogum’s version of the AV Club’s ZODIAC MOTHERFUCKER.

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  4. Party Down is great. Rob Thomas is pretty much sneaking every single cast member of Veronica Mars into the series, which is awesome. Paul Rudd + Rob Thomas = Good Job.

    Additionally, I believe Netflix adds the new episode right after it airs on Fridays to the “Watch it Now” option, so you don’t have to scour the net for uploads if you’ve got an account.

  5. rk  |   Posted on May 6th, 2009 +2

    Lizzy Caplan has been smart and funnying since she played Jason Segel’s rebound girlfriend on Freaks and Geeks, and destroyed as Janis in Mean Girls. Come on, Lindsay, keep up.

  6. i saw something for this show somewhere (an ad maybe?) and when I noticed Ken Marino was on it i was all “what??? I WILL WATCH THAT SHIT”. And I have been. ever since. it really is great.

  7. Michele  |   Posted on May 6th, 2009 +1


    I can’t stop watching it, since I sent in the tip yesterday.

    I think there’s a deal with the devil in this somewhere, how else to explain how every single episode can be so f-u-c-k-i-n-g damn funny??

    I mean sure, I love The Office (UK), Stella, Wondershowzen…but this show is cramazing.

    Also a lot of FnG alum – can’t believe you left Haverchuck out of the reasons to watch. He has some of the choicest lines.

  8. yeah, this show is pretty good. not non-stop funny, but the funny moments are natural and funnier for it. I’ve been watching religiously since the pilot (the ads are all over the internets). I’d like to take this opportunity to also recommend another show, which might seem lame from looking at it (and by the fact that it’s on abc), but In The Motherhood has been pretty good so far.

  9. Another Starz original series, “Head Case”, is PFH. You can watch full episodes at

    Macy Gray clip
    Janeane Garofolo showing up and being awesome (who can spell her name w/out googling it? )

  10. Seriously the show is great. I can’t add anything original but wanted to chime in. And I think it is almost non stop laughs :)


    that’s basically my thesis on this show after watching five minutes of the first episode. thank you, videogum, as always.

  12. the roman v. kyle hijinks are great haha

  13. yes yes yes yes YES. absolutely the best show on tv. blows parks & rec, sit down shut up, even delocated away. i’ve watched every episode at least 5 times so far. funny, smart, surprising but not forced cameos, fantastic actors from all my favorite things…and one thing nobody’s mentioned yet is how complex the characters are! i can’t believe how richly written they are; they often act contrary to the expectations that would have been set up were they one-dimensional cartoons in a sitcom. and their relationships with each other are complex too! i love the kyle/constance relationship, really interesting. okay enough gushing but oh man this show is the best.

  14. hilary  |   Posted on May 6th, 2009 +1

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU FOR Acknowledging the goodness of Party Down.

  15. Zachra  |   Posted on May 6th, 2009 +2

    Since the passing of Bea Arthur, Jane Lynch has now taken that number one spot in my heart for top comedy actress.

  16. Al  |   Posted on May 6th, 2009 +1

    Super-funny show, Lizzy Caplan is great as always. And the Fred Savage-directed episodes remind me of his episodes of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, so, bonus.

  17. I dunno….I just don’t know. This show is PRETTY good, but it’s not really all THAT good. I want to like it, and I know, I know, Lynch, Mario, Caplan, yadda yadda, the planets are all there, theyre just not aligning properly for this to be the powder keg it should be.

  18. The Second episode is the second best after the sweet 16, and if you have ever done X, then the porn star awards episode is No. 1.

    Also, its awesome to see that there are a ton of people who like this show and you guys might be the first to talk about it!

  19. rob  |   Posted on May 7th, 2009 +3

    Are we having FUN yet?

  20. This show is incredible. They have the entire first episode on YouTube. You can watch it here:

  21. szczur  |   Posted on May 7th, 2009 0

    wow, it’s actually funny and absorbing.

  22. Wow Lindsay, I can’t believe it took you this long to hop on the ‘Party Down’ bandwagon. This show is pretty great (not Eastbound great, but definately better than Entourage), although I must chide you for renting out your mouth to Jane Lynch’s dick. She is very funny in this, but you have to admit that she pretty much plays the same character in everything she does.

  23. So is Paul Rudd only friends with incredibly attractive struggling actors on the brink of something great? Is that what we’re learning this year?

  24. faas  |   Posted on May 7th, 2009 -4

    no. i’m not watching it. because it’s on starz. and starz costs money. some of us have real bills to pay.

  25. Finally! I’ve been loving this show since it was just a trailer. I was suprised you hadn’t brought it up yet, especially considering the Paul Ruddness of it.

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