Remember Shadow Hare? The Cincinnati man who has taken it upon himself to rid downtown Cincinnati of evil as a self-proclaimed superhero? Well, looks like he is about to meet his self-proclaimed match. Some criminal mastermind has posted a Craigslist ad demanding Shadow Hare’s secret identity. For an exorbitant 10 dollars.

Location: The Dark Side? You can do better, Craigslist supervillain. How about, Location: Mom’s Office/Guest Room.

In any case, CAREFUL, SHADOW HARE! With ridiculous fake powers come ridiculous fake responsibilities, or whatever. You should probably tell Blair that you don’t love her so that she goes back to Nate and is safe from your enemies who would only use her to get to you. (Via io9.)

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  1. i’d almost pay 10 bucks to find out how Shadowhare really is…even though i’d still have no idea who he is. just to perpetuate whatever’s going on in Cincinnati. cause i’m loving it.

  2. Wait, is he trying to bribe people to sell out a superhero with $10? There are very few things I’d be willing to do for $10, and I don’t think turning in a crimefighter and protector of the civil order makes that list. Try again, nerd.

  3. Jared  |   Posted on May 6th, 2009 +7

    Last week I witnessed Shadow Hare clumsily trying to ride a Segway in downtown Cincinnati. (Full disclosure – he nearly ran into me) So we can be fairly certain he is not an aging hippy ditching the recumbent bicycle for a lamer form of transport.

  4. That post was not made by me.

    There, that should throw him off the trail.

  5. booferama  |   Posted on May 6th, 2009 +3

    Hey, I discovered Shadow Hare’s one weakness: puberty.

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