After weeks of speculation concerning the whereabouts of Mr. Daniel Faraday, he returned last week dressed in all black aboard the Dharma submarine. Immediately, questions arose. Where had he been? How was he working for a secret black ops Dharma force? WHEN were his boots and briefcase? So, perhaps the greatest disappointment of what will surely go down in the record blogs as one of the great Lost episodes of all time, was how quickly and casually they glossed over all of this. “Oh, I was in Ann Arbor, doing some stuff.” HUH? Look, we all love Ann Arbor. We were all born and raised there, and it is equally exciting to every single one of us to have it turn up as a salient plot point in this wonderful show. But give me a break. He disappears for three years without explanation, we never even see him leave, and then you just brush it all off like who cares?

These guys look excited, but actually they are angry!


Another slippery slope, Lost guys. Do better.

Anyway! Daniel Faraday has returned to the island to inform Jack and the gang that it was not their destiny to return to the island as his mother said. What? But she said that it was their destiny, and now you are saying that it is not their destiny. Mixed signals! Two mixed signals!

You see, all of his life, Daniel Faraday’s mother has been preparing him to be a genius. No time for piano! Only time for time travel flash cards! But nothing he does is ever good enough for her. Even when Daniel graduates from Hogwarts, she tries to make him break up with his girlfriend, and his graduation present is a dreamjournal. She does take him out for a nice Indian dinner, though. You could tell it was an Indian restaurant because:

KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN, YOU GUYS. There are clues everywhere in this show.

Anyway, Daniel gets a research grant from Widmore, but then his experiment goes wrong and kills his girlfriend and forces him to leave Oxford and lose his mind. His memory is completely shot, which is when Mr. Widmore comes to him and asks him to get on the freighter. He’s like “maybe the island can cure you.” He’s like “you won’t remember this tomorrow.”

Now that Daniel is back on the island, after a brief super creepy conversation with baby Charlotte, it is time to escape. Miles, will you drive us? DRIVE YOURSELF! Also, this:

You see, they have to find the hostiles because Faraday has realized that human beings are…variables and if he can…detonate that hydrogen bomb from earlier in the season then he can…stop the hatch from ever being built to contain…the magic power…that Desmond will accidentally unleash…and thus he can keep Oceanic flight 815 from ever crashing on the island and stop Jack and Kate and Sawyer and Hurley and Scott and Steve and Barb and Mike and Walt and Bob and Danny and Theresa from ever coming to the island in the first place. Of course, this is where we get into mindfuuuuuuck territory, because were he to SPOILER ALERT succeed, then Kate and Jack wouldn’t even be there to hear his theory in the first place, which suggests that he SPOILER ALERT doesn’t succeed. But whatever! It’s the journey not the destination!

Meanwhile, back on Team Sawyer, the decision has been made to abandon Dharma and head for the beaches. There’s just one problem: the least convincing sociopathic security guard in the history of unconvincing sociopathic security guards is on to them!

That guy. Narc School, school full of narcs.

So, Widmore is Faraday’s father, and Daniel’s mother sent him back to the island so that she could murder him, which all suggests that up until now absolutely nothing has changed whatsoever, and everyone IS locked in some kind of dance with the destiny in the pale moon light. Which also suggests that both Widmore and Faraday’s mother know what is going to happen next, even if Faraday’s mother just told Penny in the Emergency Room that she did NOT know. Two more mixed signals.

R.I.P. Daniel Faraday

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  1. Ann Arbor is where the DeGroots, the people that started the whole DHARMA thing, teach and have headquarters, so it does make sense that Faraday would’ve gone there. Big experiment-type things like DHARMA tend to, even in real life, have roots in major universities. Also, RIP Twitchy.

  2. Andrew Bridgman  |   Posted on Apr 30th, 2009 +2

    Action Jack is the worst Jack

  3. Evan  |   Posted on Apr 30th, 2009 0

    I’m pretty sure Daniel will be back in flashbacks showing what he did in Ann Arbor.

    If not, then yes, it will be stupid.

  4. paige  |   Posted on Apr 30th, 2009 -29

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  5. ceeb  |   Posted on Apr 30th, 2009 +2

    Maybe Daniel isn’t dead. I mean, he could have just gone unconscious. Maybe Alpert will “revive” him by taking him back to the temple a la Ben.

    Just sayin’.

  6. If Dan is dead, there is no God.

    I mean, there is no God for the same reason there is no unicorns, but if I don’t get to see that wild haired bearded nerd with his skinny tie on my TV, the world stinks a bit more.

  7. thefaintingcycle  |   Posted on Apr 30th, 2009 +15

    Betcha Daniel wakes up in the present (2004?) where Christian Shepherd, John Locke, and who knows how many other corpses walk around and say meaningless things with an air of all-knowing importance. And we’ll be like “whaa?!” and our minds will be pregnant because we didn’t know what was coming and didn’t think to bring protection.

  8. No Faraday hair analysis?

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  10. Is it just me or did kid Charlotte have the worst fake accent in TV history? Thank god she ends up going back to the island and dying a painful death.

  11. wasn’t that dharma security guard like making models and doing sciencey things the first time they showed him? are there no bullys on the island to keep the nerds in check???

  12. i think everyone is missing the big question in this show: what happened with Alvar Hanso? i mean, am i the only one who remembers him? he was pretty big deal, right? he was like the man behind the courtains, the final boss
    but now, what? is he taking a vacation in forgotten-plot-points-land with Libby and that stewardess who was living with the others?

  13. blah  |   Posted on Apr 30th, 2009 +2

    If Faraday was/is spending so much time in Ann Arbor, can I assume he had a hand in WHEN Hash Bash was/is started?

  14. zach  |   Posted on Apr 30th, 2009 +6

    Why did Hurley get on Flight 316 and what’s up with that guitar case he’s carrying around?

    And if Daniel is the son of Eliose HAWKING and Charles WIDMORE…then where did the name FARADAY come from?

    • Via Lostpedia: Hurley was in Australia to find the origin/meaning of the lottery numbers, and returning to LA for his Mom’s birthday (why he was on the plane). The guitar case is still unexplained.

      There are several (scientific) and other references to the name Faraday here, such as “The Faraday Constant, a constant in electrochemistry, was named after British physicist Michael Faraday (really!). Although, no exact reason for Daniel’s surname has yet been given. Perhaps it’s merely Eloise hiding who his father really is. Either way, we now know that Widmore knew he was going to hire him and send him back to the island, so perhaps giving Daniel a different last name would keep him in the dark and thus, less chance of him trying to alter his destiny.

      • zach  |   Posted on Apr 30th, 2009 +1

        I asked why Hurley was on 316, not 815.

        Ellie also shielded Daniel from her accent too.

        • Hurley was prolly told to board 316 by one of his ghost pals and the guitar case is supposed to represent Charlie on board 815.
          The security guard nerd is Radzinsky who designed the Swan station and eventually inhabited it with Kelvin, the man who found Desmond washed ashore and brought him to the Hatch.
          Oh and bummer about Daniel. I don’t think the writers were aware he was everyone’s favorite character.

  15. cfboyd  |   Posted on Apr 30th, 2009 +2

    can every post please reference Narc School, or similarly wonderful one-note SNL skits from lackluster seasons?

  16. One thing: last summer had that special Comic-Con video where Marvin Candle talks into the video and says that the incident has occurred. The other voice on the tape (besides what is crying baby Miles) was Farraday. At least, that was the consensus. So perhaps The Nutty Professor isn’t done quite yet?

  17. Daniel Faradead?

  18. and what the HELL happened to clare?

  19. and what the hell did happen to clare?

  20. D  |   Posted on May 1st, 2009 -1

    vid’s okay, but that’s one of my favorite songs. I’ve been hoping for someone to use it for epic shows like Lost.

  21. I hope Daniel isn’t really dead. He is, by far, the best whisper talker on the show. I will miss his gentle, yet wise voice telling me when they are. Daniel, I will somehow wear a skinny tie in your honor. Maybe.

  22. Doit2it  |   Posted on May 2nd, 2009 0

    Well, Kate and Jack will get a hold of Jughead, and they will detonate it. Of course it won’t work. About the only thing it will do is destroy the 4 toed statue. hmmmmmm

  23. This means he will finally have time to do Hynduai commercials.

  24. aaron  |   Posted on May 3rd, 2009 -2

    Two things

    1. Finally a stinking shootout!! The all talk no action crap has been killing this season

    2. Another thing killing Lost? The episode formatting. Why do we only get one story line each week? Why can’t they mix in what Ben and Locke are up to into the same episode showing what’s happenin to the 70s losties? Going back and forth would intensify the fact that Sawyer, Jack and all the others are in FREAKING 1970! So much potential intensity and drama is getting, well, lost.

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