Life gave the National Organization for Marriage lemons in the form of a monumentally stupid Miss USA contestant who spoke out in ignorant support of their bigoted cause, so they made lemonade: this new commercial, which uses the whole brouhaha, including Perez Hilton’s stupid angry liveblog, to show that people who are against gay marriage are being persecuted, when in actuality they’re just being made fun of for their stupid commercials and their no moral or legal leg to stand on. The Perez part of this ad is both nightmarish and kind of funny.

I particularly like their new rationale for denying marriage equality, which is basically “It’ll be so much paperwork, you have no idea!” But I think everyone on the equality side would pay any amount of money for any other spokesperson but Perez Hilton. Michael Vick? The Craig’s List Killer? Hmmm, Ted Haggard? Really, anyone would be better. (Via Politico.)

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  1. if you don’t know what freedom of speech means, you should really just never use the phrase.

  2. haha, yes! right on with your paperwork comment, Lindsay.
    Unnecessary legal conflict? No THANKS, America. We’ll gladly trade our equality for some good ol’ fashioned clerical simplicity.

  3. It’s true. Absolutely anybody would be better. This whole mess feels like a really gay version of “Alien Versus Predator,” because no matter who wins, we lose.

    NOM’s made a good point, though. I’d loathe to see a world with more unnecessary paperwork just because I wanted to get married. Seriously, the only thing us gays hate more than unnecessary paperwork is paisley. It’s just dreadful.

  4. booferama  |   Posted on Apr 30th, 2009 +28

    I can’t believe how they took her out of context. She supports Opposite Marriage! Who will speak up for Opposite Marriage?

    • What I don’t understand is that no one jumped on her quote that “we live in a country where you can choose same-sex marriage or opposite marriage.”

      Acutally, no, sweetie – they CAN’T choose same-sex marriage, because your mom and dad at home spent years and years of munching and snacking on the pages of their bibles to make sure that they cannot, in fact, make that choice.

  5. Femskinz guy? I doubt anyone would want femskinz guy to breathe heavy in support of their cause. Most people who support equality might actually be able to find a way to discriminate against femskinz guy.

  6. I can’t decide which of these morons I hate more, but I’m leaning towards Perez.

    • I definitely hate Perez more. Miss California’s just an airhead who can’t think for herself. Perez Hilton is a dark stain on the gay rights movement.

      • 2nd’d. That girl’s gonna leave the nest someday, and meet a lovely gay couple in a loveless sham of a marriage, and she’ll be reminded of the folks back home, and her eyes will be opened. Perez is actively and consciously hurting the universe more often than not (when he’s not taking breaks to ask frightened, undereducated clotheshorses pointed questions on hotbutton issues.)

  7. Pro Marriage is what they are calling it? So the people that want to stop two consenting adults from marrying each other are pro marriage? At least nobody really takes Perez Hilton seriously.

  8. Freedom of speech, holmes. Freedom of fucking speech.

  9. Okay, so as a gay and a member of HRC…I want to know what the FUCK they were thinking putting Joe Solmonese on here. He’s probably the most well-spoken, kind, fair, intelligent man on the pro-gay marriage front. And they didn’t really combat anything he said. They just played a clip of him and essentially said “SEEEE???!?!?!?” I have heterosexual male friends who I show Joe Solmonese to and they react “Huh….well, maybe I could be gay. That sounds like fun.” If they want to do battle with Perez Hilton they can probably win, but if they want to play with the big dogs like Solmonese they need to get their act together.

  10. I think people like NOM need to realize that marriage doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with religion; you could go down to city hall and get a marriage license, it’s just a piece of paper.

    NOM’s very lucky that the gay dude that happened to be involved in this is just about universally reviled. They’re unlucky in that THEY ARE BIGOTS.

  11. I am really enjoying this donut. NOM NOM NOM NOM. ::licks fingers::

  12. But their logic is infallible, you guys. Think about the effects on small business, and all that paperwork. Opposite marriage is so much simpler. OK, I should go now, my brain’s dribbling out of my ears…


    ^This is EXACTLY what all the NOM ad’s look like to me.

  14. Here’s Miss California talking about her stance on the Today Show:

    • “I’m going to do whatever I can to protect marriage. It’s something very near to my heart”

      Hmmm, is marriage very near to her heart, or is being famous/in the spotlight very near to her heart? Let’s think about this for a sec

  15. I’m really confused what the argument is that there is negative impacts on small businesses? I thought more marriages means more buying of delicious cakes, needless decorations, more renting of event venues, giant liquor purchases, ect….

  16. I really want Perez Hilton to send himself to one of those “Pray the Gay Away” camps. Not that I think it will work… I just want him off my team. Her asinine response speaks for itself. Making a vlog and calling her a “dumb bitch” does nothing but give gay marriage opponents the impression that all gays are shrill, ugly people.

    Fuck that guy.

  17. doug  |   Posted on Apr 30th, 2009 +4

    Those quotes were about exemptions for religious organizations and were taken hilariously out of context. One of the legal scholars they cited, in the very letter accompanying this video’s press release, said he supported gay marriage and only wanted religious exemptions because he was afraid not doing so “will simply ensure that conservative religious opinion on this issue can repeatedly be aroused to fever pitch”

  18. NOM offends me to levels beyond comprehension.

  19. I guess being called bigots hurts the Fundies’ feelings, but… come on. What else are we supposed to call you?

    Oh, and Perez is just awful. (Duh.)

  20. Wait.
    No, you’re kidding right?
    Their whole angle with this ad came from a MISS USA PAGEANT CONTESTANT???
    And their example of Gay Marriage being wrong is…a douchebag celebrity blogger (who happens to be gay?)
    I’m so confused where they make any real point at all, instead of actually giving an “argument”. Not that they would truly have an argument.

    I want to cry. I don’t know if it’s laughter or disgust…but i’m going to be sticking around in Canada for awhile, I think.

  21. R Flowers  |   Posted on May 1st, 2009 -3

    Gay people can get married – just like straights can get married. It’s not discrimination when the same case applies to everyone.

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