I think this interpretive robot mime act is supposed to teach us that even a mercenary robot war machine can understand that war is bad if he discovers that human babies exist, but instead I learned that disembodied baby voices are the creepiest things in the world:

I could see the baby’s face in my head! Ahh! (Via Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.)

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  1. you should have told me this post had Terminator spoilers.

  2. paige  |   Posted on Apr 28th, 2009 +7

    i didn’t like that there were actual children there. it’s like “become a better person and realize your errors and you’ll probably get shot.” it was upsetting, in general.

  3. about as touching as a creepy uncle

  4. “disembodied baby voices are the creepiest things in the world:”

    Well, it comes from Japan, so of course it’s going to contain the creepiest things in the world.

  5. This is an obvious third for K&K Ministries to fill the sympathetic war robot void.

  6. devin  |   Posted on Apr 28th, 2009 +3

    why is the baby laughing after THE ROBOT HAS BEEN SHOT TO DEATH

  7. someone needs to write a virus for robot mimes.

  8. TD  |   Posted on Apr 28th, 2009 0

    So Rodney Brooks is funding Japanese performance art now?

  9. He should tour with those Christian mimes from the other day.

  10. i cannot be the first person to think this: jimmy fallon’s show would be so much fun if it were a live stage version of his blog.

  11. Daft Punk really just don’t have it any more.

  12. Wowzers thats creepy. It rubs the WD-40 on its synth skin.

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