Billy Bob Thornton was on Kimmel last night! Does anyone still care, because I totally do, being a “humpback geek,” which is what Billy Bob calls everyone who saw or talked about his kind of indefensible behavior on Canadian radio a few weeks ago, which, in Billy Bob’s world, we’re stupid to have even noticed, what with the pirates and all. Right away, Jimmy joked about the incident, asking Billy Bob if it was okay to mention the fact that the musician is also an actor, and Billy Bob tried to explain away the whole thing as a joke he played on a journalist who seriously overstepped his bounds. And Jimmy, annoyingly, agreed with him, gross.

Billy Bob only talks about his interview for the first few minutes, and then the rest is about his band (yawn) and food or something. There’s also some insane laughter at 6:40:

While on the one hand, Billy Bob did about as good a job of establishing himself as a not-totally-insane person as it was possible to do without actually apologizing (which he should have done), the fact that Jimmy Kimmel sucked up to him (“A deal’s a deal”) and pretended to live in Billy Bob’s made-up dream world where he’s just a simple hillbilly who ain’t never done ‘nothin before recently being discovered playing genius bluegrass music in the middle of an Arkansas field is just ridiculous. A deal’s a deal, indeed, Billy Bob Thornton, and you made yours when you decided to be famous for acting and dating. If your music is actually any good, it should and will stand on its own. After all, there’s nothing we “humpback geeks” love more than a “(Famous Person’s) (Project That Uses Skills Other Than The Ones They’re Famous For) Is Actually Good” story.

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  1. Based on my shameful loyalty to the CBC, I wanted Jian to be vindicated. But it’s also Billy Bob, and I’m also a defensive Canadian. :)

  2. Lindsay, this one goes in your Top Ten Portfolio, or whatever you writers have. Great job, killer!

  3. Also, it’s impossible to understate how much of not-an-asshole Jian Ghomeshi is, and how that makes it all the more ridiculous that Billy Bob continues to blame this on him.

  4. It’s like a staring contest, but these two are locked in a heated battle to see who can out uninteresting one another.

  5. Wow, that laughter really was insane. I’ll be having nightmares tonight.

  6. ModernMANdroid  |   Posted on Apr 22nd, 2009 +2

    After BAD SANTA, BillyBob could go around kicking babies for the rest of his days and I really wouldn’t care. I love that movie that much.

  7. scott  |   Posted on Apr 22nd, 2009 +17

    fuck i hate that guy. it’s like someone gave the keys to hollywood to that dude who hangs out at the university library working on his seventh year of his visual arts MA who wears sunglasses in the library and drinks latte while re-reading marcel duchamp’s biography all like “no man, it’s cool, i just got a tattoo” waiting some poor freshman girl/guy to start a sexual escapade with them until they figure out a week in that he’s sadder sight than every single oil-soaked exxon bird that every existed, except you can’t pity him because YOU HATE HIM SO MUCH.

  8. Does no one else realize the radio host Billy Bob insulted was Jian Ghomeshi, who used to be in the Canadian band Moxy Fruvous, which made awesome music way better than anything Billy Bob will ever put out?

  9. Ben  |   Posted on Apr 22nd, 2009 +1

    I think this is news. The pirates are bad dudes for sure but it totally makes sense, y’know, I already knew that desperate people commit crimes. But Billy Bob refusing to even acknowledge that he was a huge asshole to a thoroughly decent radio host, to the point that even when he goes on a talk show for damage control he can’t give a simple “I wasn’t in control… I’m never like that normally”… well that level of narcicistic-dickery is news (yak yak yak, appaluse!)

  10. did jp say it was ok to talk about steak eating?

  11. Dude’s got some teeth.

  12. Erik Wainio  |   Posted on Apr 22nd, 2009 -8

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    • You dumb.

    • MilesMayhem  |   Posted on Apr 22nd, 2009 +3

      How does Great Press translate into canceling the rest of the tour gigs in Canada.

      not that i’m any great fan of Q or Jian, but i think it’s pretty clear that Billy Bob was just being a straight up dick for whatever reason, he fucked up and now he’s trying to avoid looking like the bad guy.

      also Kimmel should have just s’ed his d and gotten it over with

  13. lorne  |   Posted on Apr 22nd, 2009 +1

    billy bob is trash, we’ve all known that for at least a few weeks now, but i used to think kimmel was just unfunny. the grossness is contagious.

  14. Wow I hate him. His music is really not that great. I’m all for people being in bands and putting out albums. Some of it is good, some of it is bad, but the scene sorts that out. What I hate is when shitty music is propelled by the stardom of one of the musicians. They really don’t deserve any of this.

    Also, grow some balls Kimmel.

  15. Mitur Binesderti  |   Posted on Apr 24th, 2009 0


  16. I actually don’t hate Billy Bob, and I love Moxy Fruvous, so I’m totally torn.

  17. Pop quiz hot shot: How many albums have the fucking drummer front and center on the cover? Ugh, this is beyond :( . That fact that Jimmy totally understands how non-pathetic stupid riders (especially about things you’re not allowed to talk about) are just makes my tummy hurt. The simple fact remains that no one would have ever even heard of your lame band if you weren’t an actor or fucked another actor or whatever. Get over it. Hey, if it’s that important that people don’t talk about that, how about you NOT DO ANY FUCKING PRESS?!? And seriously, being a dick on the radio is one thing, but then going on tv to yuck it up about how you were a dick and the “aww shucks, I’m just trying to play music” bullshit is beyond pathetic. Choke on a 72oz. steak and die, Billy Bob.

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