This is the first poster for the Gossip Girl spin-off, Valley Girls, about a young Lily Van Der Woodsen in 1980s LA. Whoops, that’s your poster. They’ve made a terrible mistake. I mean, we’ve all known about this show for awhile now, and it always sounded kind of terrible, but there’s something particularly painful in seeing just exactly how unimaginative they’ve decided to be with it. Don’t get me wrong, it would be virtually impossible for the CW to make an imaginative show about Lily Van Der Woodsen’s youth gone wild days in 1980s LA short of having her ride around on Falkor fighting the Big Nothing. But this? With her clownishly obvious outfit (no Bravo) and it being a mugshot to let you know she’s wild? Boo, Josh Schwartz. You have been so busy phoning it in for your webshow that you’re barely even faxing it in for this. (Faxing joke! That ’80s Blog!)

OXOX, you know you hate this.

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  1. ab  |   Posted on Apr 20th, 2009 +6

    where is the recap from the most recent gg? the one with jenny’s party.

    this poster is awful. and what is with the spoiler tv quote? it’s so 80s to say omigod instead of omg.

  2. Valley Girls? I think I’m more astonished by how bad that name is than the terrible poster.

  3. i will probably never watch this, as I have only watched Gossip Girl maybe 2 times. but i’m confused. why is it necessary that she later becomes someone else in a different tv show that takes place 3000 miles away?

    so she grows up in the valley, then goes to NYU and becomes “sophisticated” ala Less Than Zero?

    it just seems weird that they couldn’t just make a show about a rich girl in the valley in the 80s — which seems dumb on its own — but dumber when involved with another show.

  4. From a graphic design perspective (the most important perspective, duh) it’s amusing that “Valley Girls” is in a smaller typeface than “Gossip Girl.” Information priority!

    • Actually, I think this ad is for the episode of Gossip Girl that introduces the spin-off series. It’s still a Gossip Girl episode, therefore the main font should still say Gossip Girl.

      Nevertheless, this poster is still pretty bad. Also, for some reason, I kinda think her hands are really long and disproportionate to the rest of her body. You can hardly tell where the hand ends and the wrists begin. In fact, they almost look like feet!

  5. What is she in for, shoulder pad smuggling?


    Seriously, though, this looks like shit.

  6. Photoshopped or not, her right eye looks weirdly matte compared to her shiny left eye. Also WTF kind of facial expression is that? I’m angry but sad? Oh boy I hope I don’t poop my dress? Acting!

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  8. So the only GG episode I watched was when the parents were making lists of people they’ve slept with. (why do sit-coms do this? No one does this in life.) Anyways, I noticed that she slept with Trent Reznor, Slash and everyone else.

    Will that get touched upon? Will they show up to play themselves or get impersonators?

  9. This is a Gossip Girl episode titled “Valley Girls”, it is not the name of the new spinoff. Just like any other Gossip Girl promo shot, ie Gossip Girl “The Grandfather”, Gossip Girl “The Age of Dissonance”. It was rumored it would be titled, Lily, but now Josh Schwartz says no. Who knows what the title of the show will be, and yes, I know I’ll have to make domain changes, LOL. I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it. I’m excited about this show, I grew up in the 80′s. I am a little concerned how they will make it appeal to today’s younger generation. We’ll just have to see…

  10. The only thing this poster is missing is a perm

  11. I love Neverending Story references.

  12. Sean  |   Posted on Apr 21st, 2009 +1

    That is absolutely an Olsen twin.

    Side note: I’m sorta excited about this spin off. I can’t wait to see how Gabe mocks the hell out of it.

  14. BK  |   Posted on May 6th, 2009 0

    I can’t believe people are excited. This seems extra lame, AND Brittany Snow is a disaster. I’ve seen the previews, and I STILL can’t see her as Lily.

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