Whoa, so you know the anti-gay marriage ad from earlier? NOM NOM NOM? Well, it’s turning into a huge deal! A “Gathering Storm,” if you will. And it’s being fought (or stormed, or whatever) on YouTube! To demonstrate the fakeness of the points of view represented in the ad, the Human Rights Campaign found the audition tape of actors trying out for the roles of the fake people and leaked them on YT. And they are HILARIOUS, as all audition reels probably are, but this one is like a comedy sketch. These actors will be lucky to get background work every three years in Kirk Cameron movies (BURN!):

Part one: old people being terrible actors: funny:

Part two: younger people being terrible actors: even funnier:

I could watch the dude who looks like he hasn’t showered in four years say “I’m a California doctor” all day long. (Via The Washington City Paper.)

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  1. Audition #4 should be far more concerned about the witch doctor that shrunk his head.

  2. Team rainbow is against gay marriage?

  3. Sean Penn just fired his agent for missing this audition opportunity.

  4. Lizzie  |   Posted on Apr 8th, 2009 +9

    Audition #6 sounds like Stephen Hawkings automated voice.

  5. Audtion 14 is the winner. The lead in Fireproof 2 goes to that guy!

    The winner for being able to read the least is a tie between 15 (Rainbow Collision!) and 22 (can’t even blink she’s concentrating so much).

  6. good god where do they find these people?
    that woman must be half-rodent. at least.

  7. i would prefer a rainbow coalition of daaaaaaAAAAaaaaaancing

  8. Audition 17 looks like he’s coming on to the cameraman…

  9. We, the viewers, Double Dog Dare you, the bloggers, to record your own NOM audition tapes. Lindsay would make a great California Doctor.

  10. I never knew the word coalition could be said in so many ways.

  11. I think some of the people in these auditions are actually gay. Irony.
    I also like how they say “I’m afraid” when their emotions look like “I’m bored, when is this over?”

  12. This is awful.

  13. Just further proof that liberals are more talented actors.

  14. Audition #9 should win a Tony or other shit!!1

  15. Jenn  |   Posted on Apr 8th, 2009 +5

    Did anyone else notice that zero of those lines made any kind of sense?

  16. You SHOULD be afraid beyotches! If I run into any of you on the street I’m going to f*ck you up!!!

  17. the actor in Audition #4 looks just like the apprentice David in the 5th Element

  18. Why do so many of them say “Rainbow Collision”? OHHHH they are retarded! That explains so much

  19. for the most part, i only see one creed or color in that coalition. token black!

  20. king of the jews  |   Posted on Apr 8th, 2009 +5

    “a rainbow coalition of people of every creed and colour are coming together” That’s what she said.

  21. so…she wasn’t really a doctor?

  22. this makes no sense to me. the rainbow coalition is against gay marriage? and how can those supporting gay marriage take the subject “beyond” “just” same sex couples? also why would a doctor have to choose between his job and religion? I guess they could be referring to in vitro fertilization or something…but I feel like if you’re impregnating people through science, you should maybe know that you’re already walking a strange moral line.

    agggggh my head. also these people are all awful actors.

  23. the third audition in the first video apparently asked her plastic surgeon for the burn victim look. hot.

  24. Oh boo! I missed this the other day, and now it says all the vids have been taken down and are copyright material of the NOMIES!:(

  25. dave bottorf  |   Posted on Apr 11th, 2009 0

    the out takes /audiition tapes would have to be horrid to be any more fake looking than the commercial itself.

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