Date: Unknown
Time: Unknown
Location: Cable
Description: In local cable commercial promoting upcoming wrestling competition, contestant Gold Dust challenges and/or sex-begs Undertaker to reenter the ring with him now that he has had his “beauty rest” and gotten his “charge back.” Although entire moment feels like one long TWSS*, actual TWSS occurs at 0:36, when Gold Dust uses incredible TWSS as if it is a standard English language metaphor enjoying popular usage in everyday speech. It is not. It is a classic TWSS. For the archives.

*For example what is that “are you up to it” shoulder shrug open mouth sex come on all about?

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  1. how is a wrestler who is named after a fleetwood mac song gay?

  2. Chadams  |   Posted on Apr 1st, 2009 +2

    I don’t know how Gold Dust even existed and didn’t prompt teenage boys the country over to unknowingly utter slightly gay stuff & become more homophobic in the process.

    I do remember him being on Conan years & years ago and saying some of the most profane things to Conesy that I’ve ever heard.

  3. And you thought MMA fighting was homoerotic. Yowza! This sounds like the monologue that preludes a rape/murder scene in a serial killer movie.

  4. Sean  |   Posted on Apr 1st, 2009 +7

    This video gets absolutely everything right.

  5. i find your lack of Cake Eatur disturbing.

  6. Gold Dust is the long-time WWF/WWE wrestler Dusty Rhodes’ son. God knows why I remember it after all these years.

  7. He should have saved everyone the trouble and called himself Golden Shower.

  8. my faverat wresler is da hardy boys

  9. dan  |   Posted on Apr 1st, 2009 +1

    Is this one of the things Bob Mould wrote for pro wrestling?

  10. I feel stupid for having to go look up what the hell TWSS means.

    • It’s ok, I’m clueless to what TWSS means too…. geez, I just figured out what NSFW meant last week, unfortunately had I looked it up earlier, I could have heeded the NSFW warning…fail.

  11. Did he just threaten to give the Undertaker a golden shower?

  12. Maybe Gold Dust was thinking that “Under Taker” meant something else?

  13. And It's Goldust. One word.  |   Posted on Apr 1st, 2009 0

    The Goldust character (for whatever reason) was intended to be edgy, and if you really tried (youtubed him) you could find much worse with this guy involved. Him saying TWSS’s was the point, making him seem gay even in the (easily targeted) realm of pro wrestling.

  14. gold shower no!

    why is he wearing a lady wig?

  15. Billlys Beanez  |   Posted on Apr 2nd, 2009 +1

    Yeah, he was supposed to be gay/bisexual. That was the point of his character. Lord did he have an impact on 11 year old me.

  16. Adamo  |   Posted on Apr 2nd, 2009 0

    First off, it’s “Goldust” not “Gold Dust”. Secondly, the character was suppose some weirdo stalker who always quoted old movies, all for playing “mind games”. According to former WWF star, Bret Hart, Goldust was suppose to be a caricature of a homophobe’s nightmare. However, I think the irony was lost on a lot of wrestling fans. I think undertandably a lot of gay-rights groups were upset by the character for stoking homophobia. Nonetheless, Goldust actually became pretty popular, even with all the predatorial bizarreness.

  17. DG  |   Posted on Apr 3rd, 2009 0

    If you thought that was odd/strange…look at this clip of Gold Dust and Wrestler Booker T:

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