It came to pass in 2007 that there was a little conflict-free Christian movie called Praise Band: The Movie, and for it was made a trailer, and you will see the trailer, and you will say that it is good. (But for real, must-watch!):

(…The Story Of Creed.) This trailer has the best use of the “record scratch” sound effect EVER. And I like how in the world of Christian movies, everything is so easily resolved! “We need a guitarist…here’s one…he has no guitar…we’ll give him one…there is racism in the world…now there is not…our praise band is awesome, done and done!” (Everlasting thanks to Tori for the tip!)

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  1. Whenever I invite homeless people to join my touring Christian rock band they hardly ever say yes.

  2. You can’t deny the briliant acting though. The palm-to-forehead-exasperation move…classic.

  3. maybe i am biased (i like Jesus), but this movie trailer doesn’t seem NEARLY as bad as the jack and julie one.

    • as someone who also likes jesus, i think this is way worse than julie and jack. julie and jack didnt have so many frosted tips. although im willing to bet nobody in this movie is a ghost living in a computer, but that doesnt mean its not chock full of sexless relationships.

  4. Eff, Marry, Kill: This trailer, the Last Season trailer, Jack and Julie trailer

  5. Stuff like this cracks me up. Jesus is awesome (allegedly), but he inspires the worst art & entertainment possible. If these people are doing God’s work then it’s further proof that either a) there is no God, duh or b) God is a bumbling idiot.

    • Jesus has also inspired some of the greatest art and entertainment of all time. Like the Adoration of the Magi, Handel’s Messiah and Fireproof.

  6. zaws!  |   Posted on Mar 30th, 2009 +3

    i swear i heard “my cock is so good to me” at 2:24

  7. GUYS— oh my oh guys—- I’ve been following this since its announcement. The writer for this movie has this God awful (pun) Christian Sitcome, which he bills as the first christian sitcom… and just everything about this show, called Pastor Greg, is the best- the acting, the incongruency of sets, wind being more audible, the laugh track, the fact that it exists— I have many the episodes on DVD and there is so so much much much more about Greg Robbins productions—- this is an inceberg tip…. it gets deeper and shithouse-ier.

    This was a serious post.

  8. Expert Black Lady here: people approach me on the street all the time and ask me to sing background for their gospel bands and blues trios (while palming my funny hair!). That’s just how it works… and now you know.

  9. “All we need is a John.” Mna, this is a cinematic masterpiece.

  10. Alex  |   Posted on Mar 30th, 2009 +32

    To think, in his arsenal God once had Michaelangelo, Caravaggio, Bach, Milton, Wren, Rubens, Browning, and Mozart on his side.

    And now. Praise Band, Carrie Underwood, and Thomas Kinkade. It’s a wonder anyone’s even religious anymore.

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  12. Whoa, Movie Trailers Monday up in here.

  13. ronton  |   Posted on Mar 30th, 2009 +1

    gma dove award winner!

  14. How is this any different from a Jonas Brothers movie, except that there are black people in this one?

  15. VarocK  |   Posted on Mar 30th, 2009 +16

    “There’s a hole. And I think, with God’s help, I can fill it.” ;)

  16. That old man in the beggining that doesn’t want the band should have his own movie, he’s totally awesome!

  17. the actor who plays the homeless guy should be pissed because he actually has that beard, which is why they cast him….

  18. Is “before my guitar got stolen” code for “before I got addicted to the crack rock”?

  19. Everyone here is missing the most obvious thing!


  20. This movie trailer cured me of my atheism, my transvestitism, and my heroin-addiction.

  21. raymond's mother  |   Posted on Mar 30th, 2009 0

    Two time Grammy award nominee? He must be good.

  22. Paul  |   Posted on Mar 30th, 2009 0

    and the boss from MAD MEN is in it.

  23. It’s a good thing they found those black ladies to form the Dreamgirls-esque backup singers. Too bad only white dudes can be the lead members!

  24. Grendel72  |   Posted on Mar 31st, 2009 +5

    “All we need is a John…”
    I’m sure they could give Ted Haggard a call.

  25. as someone who also likes Jesus (enough to have sex with him… and I’m a man!) I can say without a doubt this is the most accurate movie I have ever seen on Praise Bands.
    Two thumbs up. Way up. (like “to heaven” up.)

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  27. Another good Christian movie trailer isThe Bike King and the Ten Commandments

  28. is that lance bass slappin da bass?

  29. ohhhh, i get it, they have the names of the gospels!

  30. fill that hole, matt. fill that hole.

  31. The homeless and African Americans? Okay, fine. Just no gay people in this praise band, Praise Band: The Movie. Sorry, gay people!!!

  32. Remember though, Fireproof still exists.

  33. OMG!!! PLease tell me they’re realeasing a soundtrack for this! I guess the g would be for gosh so I don’t take his name in vein. But seriously, has there never been any good musician associated with christian music?

  34. jacob  |   Posted on Mar 31st, 2009 +2

    the bass player’s shirt says “I Play Bas (sic)”

  35. If this is true… man, that’s gonna tick off the devil.

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