Last night’s Daily Show made civic uproar fun again with two segments about outraged Americans: IndigNation! Populist Uprising ’09 – The Enragening, about those who want to “teabag the White House,” and the hilarious internet meme that is Glenn Beck, and Rage In The Streets, John Oliver’s report from the streets of New York, where thousands of green-clad demonstrators were “vomiting in protest” of the AIG scandal yesterday. (Get it?)

Some were even peeing on the sides of buildings in protest!:

And the teabag part is funny, but clearly the show realized after Monday that Glenn Beck is too crazy to be relegated to the Moment Of Zen segment, so he got his own crazy montage starting at 2:27:

I’m late to the Glenn Beck obsession, but after this, consider me fully on board. He and Nancy Grace should start a show together.

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  1. To Glen Beck:


  2. Chadams  |   Posted on Mar 18th, 2009 +3

    I’m glad Jon Stewart’s calling people out on a more regular basis. I still think Rick Santelli should go on and get his nuts socked.

  3. I catch a half hour of the Glen Beck show everyday. Not voluntarily, they leave Fox news on in the break room at my place of employment. Somebody needs to make a montage of this guy just doing the fake tears thing because he does it pretty much everyday. I actually enjoy watching his show now just those moments. He brags about his high ratings about once every 5 minutes too. It’s hilarious.

  4. Someone should tell Glenn that yelling at the cameras only works for Howard Beale.

  5. Evan  |   Posted on Mar 18th, 2009 +1

    ahh.. Glenn Beck.

    Nothing more needs to be said.

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  7. El Jefe  |   Posted on Mar 18th, 2009 +2

    When they make the Glenn Beck “Crazy as Hell” adaptation I vote that Paul Giamatti gets the lead.

  8. Nate  |   Posted on Sep 18th, 2009 0

    My old employer had Glenn Becks radio show on all the time. That guy is a complete conspiracy nutjob. I thought we locked people up for saying stuff like that but eh.

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