This is just your run-of-the-mill, boring local newsy report about Miley Cyrus fans camping out outside her book signing in NYC this week, until it suddenly becomes about an adult man from Georgia who thinks Miley is communicating to him through paparazzi pictures. It would be really funny if it was a UCB-type Today Show audience prank, but it doesn’t appear to be a prank at all.

At the 1:10 mark. It’s worth skipping to it:

Obviously someone at the Daily News thought this was funny. To be clear, the person being made fun of here is the legit news organization who made the choice to put this up, not anyone in need of psychiatric care. (That said, there’s definitely a Mr. Show sketch quality to this video. And also he reminds me of Zach Galifianakis’s twin “brother” Seth.) (Thanks to Brad for the tip.)

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  1. that guy was just one weirdo in a sea of weirdos.

  2. I bet he thought Stephen King shot John Lennon, too.

  3. jess  |   Posted on Mar 6th, 2009 +16

    Am I the only one that thinks the mother-daughter matching bleach-blonde sideways ponytail freak show is much more disturbing than the middle-aged mentally-disturbed pedophile?

    • I was about to say the exact same thing! It looks like the mother dragged her daughter there, because she’s the only one that looks super excited.

  4. Oh. My. God. That dude is a creep show. I love the way they just slip that guy in there in the middle of the segment between kids and parents being interviewed.

  5. Was that Seth Galifianakis? Oh, it wasn’t? That’s too bad because that means that guy actually exists in our world. :(

  6. “I’m-a get her some flowers and ask her to marry me.”
    If the part about communicating through pictures wasn’t enough of a warning sign, then this HAS to be. Right? Didn’t the editors of this see this?!?

  7. dfjals  |   Posted on Aug 8th, 2009 0

    What a nice couple!

    ?A pervert and a Disney bitch.?

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