Ummmm, If this is real, and it seems really real, this is amazing: a new video of bears at a zoo competing with each other to beg for food in the most human-looking ways. The one bear 20 seconds in is insane with the mouth-shouty-wavy-thing! It looks like CGI, but it doesn’t seem to be CGI? MOM-SENDER:

Mark my words: if that is real, that bear is going to be in a SuperBowl commercial.

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  1. i think its real because dogs DEFINITELY do that – as anyone with multiple dogs can tell you (distributing treats is a fiasco) – and raccoons do it too (see HERE). I think its a mammal thing.

  2. I love it when the bear leans to the side and puts its paw by the mouth just so. It’s like it’s really mouthing “hey you guys!?”

  3. it’s a manbear!

  4. Only in Japan, ladies and gentlemen. Those bears will soon be on a TV show doing magic tricks while dressed as Obama.

  5. I bet when people go to see the bears they wave a lot, so the bears are just mimicking humans, trying to impress them and get treats

  6. Had I the inclination, I would’ve made a graph representing the decline of human intelligence and the assent of bears’ over the passage of time. In the not too distant future, where the lines crossed, there would be an asterisk with a footnote that read: point in time when the aliens descend to earth, strike a bargain with the bears, and the humans stop laughing.

  7. They were so cute, had I been there I would have jumped in & just let them eat me.

  8. Hopefully this shows up in the next Threat Down, seriously, this is frightening(ly cute).

  9. I would be skeptical that there is a zoo someone (Japan?) that 1) keeps that many bears together in such a seemingly small enclosure and 2) allows guests to throw food into the enclosures. The actual look of the video leads me to think it is real, but i just can’t imagine a zoo allowing this.

    • ranger  |   Posted on Feb 25th, 2009 0

      these look a little bit like the bear pits in Bern, Switzerland. those bears were trained to roll over and clap, even on command from tourists. but i don’t remember there being that many bears.

    • moi  |   Posted on Feb 27th, 2009 0

      I think they must be circus bears or something. They must be trained. The audio sounds like Chinese (definitely not Japanese), so let’s hope this is from Taiwan – otherwise, we have a Commie Bear menace on the horizon!

  10. I hate zoos. I hate people. This is sad for all parties involved.

  11. The paws looked a little fakey-fake, and the waves were exactly the same every time. I’m calling it a fake and my innocence crushed.

  12. I’d say it’s pretty believable for bears to learn this over time through the behavioral modification process of shaping (I’ll spare everyone the grad school lecture, google it if you care). My behavior mod professor taught his cats all kinds of humany tricks.

  13. :(  |   Posted on Feb 25th, 2009 +3

    :( .

  14. A Yen for Phantoms  |   Posted on Feb 25th, 2009 0

    From the sound of it, this may have been recorded in…Taiwan?

  15. This is actually really inhumane and sad. The bears are wholly reliant on the public for feeding, the zoo gives them no food. And that many bears in such an inappropriate, small space – this isn’t cute, it’s disturbing. I know this cause i used to work for the WSPA – World Society For Protection of Animals – who are working to cease these cruel operations.

  16. PatC  |   Posted on Mar 9th, 2009 0

    I agree. This is not a zoo. The bear are starved so they perform to ‘entertain’ the public. It is sick and disgusting. I read about these bear pits several years ago but thought Japanese society had moved on. Obviously not.

  17. joe  |   Posted on May 25th, 2009 0

    This post makes me really really sad…. humans are the kindest and cruelest animals on this planet.

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