This is the new Levi’s viral marketing video. I repeat: I am aware that this is the new Levi’s marketing video, and that it’s fake, and we should all be very aware of that, but it’s still amusing:

Parkour practitioners are going to boycott Levis over this, I bet.

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  1. Why are they talking like the Sims?

  2. Why is he so elastic? Levi’s couldn’t afford the $3000 dummy from The Fugitive?

  3. I hope I never fall down a million stairs in that town. Nobody even tried to help him!

  4. Booooooo! Viral marketing gets worse. I would rather cheap flyers in my analog mailbox than terrible acting and CG.

  5. cyberghandi  |   Posted on Dec 19th, 2008 0

    It’s Flemish (Belgian Dutch) and appears to be a mix between Limburgs & Brabants (she is clearly from Limburg, he may be faking it). And yes, those are real dialects and I know Belgium is as big as a handkerchief but we have a dozen truly different patois ;-)

    “Joaaa, da lekker, die et zich pijn gedoan”

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