Carrie Fisher, who I love, I mean Love, I mean LOVE, was on The Today Show today to talk about her new memoir, Wishful Drinking. For a Today Show guest, or any celebrity, really, she’s shockingly open about her former drug use, her marriage to a guy who left her for another guy, and about being crazy and stuff. And she seems 100% plastic-surgery-free, which is momentarily disorienting, but really cool:

How often does the crew laugh during a celebrity interview, or does Matt Lauer say “You’re fun to have here.” Can we please have The Carrie Fisher Talk Show, asap?

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  1. are you sure thats not phyllis diller doing a carrie fisher impression? she didn’t look (or sound) like that on 30 rock last year.

    but really, I would *love* a carrie fisher talk show. is it too late to give her fallon’s job?

  2. Her show could replace Bonnie Hunt’s (sorry Bonnie Hunt! Loved you in.. .. Jerry Maguire?)

  3. Is that the regular set for the Today Show? I looks like the bridge, or possibly interview room, of the Starship Enterprise…

  4. she seems delightful. i was distracted, though… i kept wondering if her legs were amputated or not. i had to google “where are carrie fisher’s legs” before falling upon a yahoo answers page, where about two dozen other people were asking themselves the same thing. haha.

  5. Smurf Face  |   Posted on Dec 12th, 2008 0

    I love her attitude toward ECT. Shock therapy gets a lot of bad press, but it can work miracles.

  6. she did the proust questionnaire in ‘vanity fair’ a while ago and her favorite phrase was ‘fuck this shit.’

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