The fake feud between Stephen Colbert and Kanye West has been called a lot of things, like “tiring,” but I love it. Nobody out there actually thinks Stephen’s feuds are real, right? But this one is notable for having an unmistakable ring of truth: Kanye West is totally full of himself. And probably all famous people are, you know, straddling that line between crippling insecurity and repulsive overconfidence. At least Kanye has figured out a “balance” that allows him to work, so good for him. Anyway, Stephen had more deliciously mean words for Kanye last night after Operation Humble Kanye was a success. It seems Kanye knows exactly who the fuck Stephen Colbert is. This is the funniest one yet — especially when Al Roker gets dragged into it.

So comment party: does anyone think this will end with Kanye being on Stephen’s show? Just kidding. This will definitely end with Kanye being on Stephen’s show, but I hope it gets dragged out more first. (Yes, it’s Kanyegum today.)

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  1. Kanye is so terrible at talking in front of cameras that I feel like Colbert would slaughter him in a word-duel.

    Actually, Colbert is a better singer too.

    • by “word-duel” do you mean “conversation”? And how exactly do you “slaughter” someone in a conversation which will DEFINITELY be scripted for laughs in the first place?

  2. Ashley  |   Posted on Dec 5th, 2008 0

    I hope Kanye refuses to come on the show just so I can hate him more.

  3. zxcvb  |   Posted on Dec 6th, 2008 +4

    “The guy who wrote that is a genius!”

    …you mean Daft Punk? They wrote the good part of that song.

  4. Everything that comes out of Stephen Colbert’s mouth is like sexy liquid gold.

  5. Ya he really missed out on a good ZING by not following up the the genius comment with something like “oh wait, it was Daft Punk..”

  6. edc  |   Posted on Dec 7th, 2008 -2

    americans are easy to entertain.

  7. why’s everybody on here in such a bad mood today? enjoy the video, guys. enjoy the weekend.

  8. I just bought Colbert Christmas on iTunes.

    Kayne can suck an egg.

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  10. You heard it here first folks:

    Stephen Colbert = Frank Caliendo

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