It’s ALMOST OVER (maybe), you guys. This morning, the Today Show had Twilight‘s Kristen Stewart (who “only shops at used book stores”) and Robert Pattinson on to talk about the movie they both seem to be even more over than every other non-mom adult in America. The best part starts at 7:00, when they head out to the plaza to seriously try to answer fan’s questions while teenage girls scream “Oh my god…oh…my…god” through tears:

Pay close attention to Kristen Stewart, who does that pretty-girl thing the whole time where she shivers and pretends to be cold, signifying that she’s mad that nobody is paying attention to her. Happy Twilight Mania Is Almost Over We Hope Day!

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  1. you need to write about the Everyone Has A Story series. it is like being handed to you to write about.

  2. Anna  |   Posted on Nov 20th, 2008 0

    gotta love the nearly complete apathy that seems to exude from kristin and rob…buck up – you’ve made millions from this movie and now you’re pretty much guaranteed to make millions more from other movies as you have the adoration of that key demographic that movie-makers always try to court.

    • I think they were both hoping it wouldn’t be a stupid teen movie, but now it’s pretty much guaranteed that the only people who will see it are stupid preteen/teenagers (and their parental escorts).

  3. Yeah she doesn’t seem very happy at all. Also, she has to listen to girls offer themselves to Robert Pattinson all day, based solely on the fact that he plays a character based on another character in a book that they are obsessed with. That would annoy me, too.

  4. I am not the target audience for Twilight. I will ignore all the hype until it goes away.

  5. Best Part: Early reviews on Rotten Tomatoes are already saying this movie is gonna blow. :)

  6. Watching interviews with that girl make me not want to see the movie (she succcks, huh?) But I’ll totally see it.

    I don’t think it matters that the movie will blow — the boppers are caught up in the frenzy already. Will still make a ton of money (Hello, NSync?)

  7. Mary Mouse  |   Posted on Nov 20th, 2008 -2

    Give it a couple of months, and used book stores will be digging out from under mountains of Twilight paperbacks. Guaranteed.

  8. I literally winced when they went outside and the crazy people started awkwardly but enthusiastically nodding with their creepy smiles. Eeeugh, people, from everything that I’ve read about these books, it is the opposite of okay. It’s creepy and sexist and guh. Stop screaming.

  9. aww, those actors have sadfluenza.

  10. mandy  |   Posted on Nov 20th, 2008 -2

    i love kristin so much. and robert too. there is no way those too could be less enthusiastic (or more regretful) of making this film. i think it really is their intention to try and get fired. i would too i’m sure. they have to pull a mariah carey since robert’s pulling a lindsay lohan didn’t work.

  11. y  |   Posted on Nov 20th, 2008 +1

    This is one of those situations where you feel really embarassed for someone else. YIKES those girls are scary! Poor psychos, they will never find a man as perfect as their beloved Edward Cullen.

    In the words of Robert Pattinson, “Why?”

  12. Christina  |   Posted on Nov 20th, 2008 0

    ROFL. I love how Kristen still has no idea what to say about the movie/books even though she’s been repeatedly interviewed for.. um.. what? Nearly a year?

    Also nice choice of words: “they just get off on it.” AHAHAHA.

  13. “It’s almost like what the Beatles must have encountered when they came to America…”

    No, Meredith Viera, it isn’t. The Beatles were the greatest musical act of the 20th Century and had a profound effect on popular culture that’s still felt to this day. Twilight is…..well, I don’t think I have to finish that sentence. So shut the fuck up, Meredith Viera.

  14. loredana  |   Posted on Nov 25th, 2008 0

    I love how Rob and Kristen shops in used bookstores Stewart seem to be stepping further and further away from their fans … ha ha … that’s priceless.

    But seriously I had to stop the clip several times. The sheer stupidity of those giggles were too painful to watch. What’s even worse is that they have no idea of the fact that they’re in love with a controllive, emotionally abusive stalker … oh, yes! he’s the perfect man

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