For some reason the fact that this video of a man who calls himself Ecstasy performing his “erotic hip hop” song “I Need a Plus Size Woman (Around the Clock)” on Queens cable access was put online yesterday makes it even funnier.

(via urlesque)


Man 1: Hey, did you vote in this historic election yet?
Man 2: Oh man, I’m going to try and make it to the polls. But I have to wait for this video to upload to YouTube, it’s taking forever.
Man 1: Seriously?
Man 2: Wait until you see the video, dude.


Man 1: Did you vote?
Man 2: Let me answer your question with a question, did you see the video, dude?

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  1. I’m assuming this is from that BBW show that Neil never shuts up about. Awesome.

  2. Crazy east coast, always with the erotic hip hop.

  3. Does anyone here watch Look Around You? If not, youtube “Music 2000″ and Antony Carmichael…..I’m pretty sure they’re the same guy

  4. that outfit is…
    it’s there.
    it exists in the world.

  5. I love his PSA at the end for all men to “come out of the closet” because that’s effect plus size women have on them. Genius.

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