Ten years from now, hopefully, nobody will remember Sarah Palin or Joe The Plumber, but fifth-grader Damon Weaver, who interviewed Joe Biden for Palm Beach County’s KEC News, will be a household name. This kid is awesome:

“Senator Biden is my homeboy.” If there isn’t already a Damon And Omari show in the works, Hollywood is not doing their job.

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  1. I love this kid. My favorite part was when Omari started getting his groove on. I want them to film my life.

  2. Joe Biden is my boyfriend.

  3. brent  |   Posted on Jan 13th, 2009 0

    Did anybody notice it took Biden like 8 hours to answer that kid’s question?

  4. Damon is awesome. He just recently interviewed President Obama, he is even better in that video.

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