Just Jared has some CRAMAZING photos of Heidi and Spencer today. They did a staged photoshoot up in the Hollywood hills to let the world know their political beliefs, because they have political beliefs. The thing is, once you get past the really incredible Palin t-shirts (detailed close ups after the jump), things start to get muddled. Like, I understand drinking Budweiser and leaning against a shotgun (I do?), but Spencer is also reading Henry Browne’s You Can Profit From a Monetary Crisis. Well which is it? Good old boy, or rapacious predatory stock market pirate? Wait a second, am I insinuating that occasionally the visual signifiers of the Republican party philosophy are silly and contradictory? SHAME ON ME.

Spencer is wearing the best shirt, basically. Such a smart shirt. It really says everything you need to know about a person. And then you look up and there’s Goat Face and it’s just like, BONUS!

Although Heidi is wearing the second best shirt. Or the best shirt for chicks, you know? Like, guys have their shirts and girls have their shirts, and they’re different but equal, right? Men are from Structure, Women are from Bloomingdale’s, you know? And to answer your question, yes, Heidi would totes pay for her own rape kit. Independent women!

Just chilling with some classic Budweiser and some broken shorts. “Uh oh, these shorts are broken!” “Barack Obama says he wants to spread the shorts. I’m supposed to pay with my sweat equity so that everyone can have shorts that are the proper length and work correctly? No thank you.” Now if we could wrap up all this red-blooded American Patriot stuff, some of us have a pilates session with their personal trainer.

I really thought that was the funniest picture. But I was wrong. This is the funniest picture.

Aw, look at Heidi! She’s pretending she can make the pictures what be words have sound in her head for the knowing of it.

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  1. Can the CIA fabricate evidence of Heidi and Spencer possessing WMD’s already so we can “liberate” them by bombing the shit out of them? Clearly the truth will not set these two free, but a round of carpet bombs may.

  2. I wonder if the carpet bombs match the drape bombs.

  3. i hate “cramazing”

    • Are you saying it in the Oprah announcing a new guest voice? “CRAMAAAAAAAAZIIIIING!”?

      It’s just important that you understand how it’s said before you pass judgment.

  4. This shoot is actually for the cover photo of a new magazine their friend is publishing in early 2009: Soulless Fuck-Twit Monthly.

  5. Annie  |   Posted on Oct 23rd, 2008 0

    idiocy? or misunderstood ironic genius?

  6. woops  |   Posted on Oct 23rd, 2008 0

    so glad they didn’t come out for Obama. this is just another nail in McCain’s coffin

  7. Somehow their worst than Palin.

  8. Katie  |   Posted on Oct 23rd, 2008 0

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, your commentary is hilarious here! I just LOLed in class and it was embarrassing THANKS A LOT!

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