Anderson Cooper guest co-hosted Live With Regis And Kelly today, and after Kelly told a dumb story about singing backup for Madonna last week, Anderson totally showed her how to namedrop with his story of going to that supersecret Prince concert at a hotel last weekend, where he found himself in a battle to the death with Dave Chappelle for one of Prince’s guitar picks:

Later in the show, Anderson made his feelings clear about The Real Housewives Of Atlanta, declaring them “horrific,” and making fun of their tacky McMansions. Thus officially adding them to Anderson’s Lists Of People He Doesn’t Like, where they join Dina Lohan and David Blaine.

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  1. i love anderson more than anyone i know…

    he should try doing more informal television because when he’s not on 360, he’s a pretty funny guy.

  2. i caught the first few minutes of regis and kelly this morning and KNEW someone was going to pick this up. Anderson always brings 100% to his guest hosting. And he’s cool enough to be talk about being “backstage” at a tiny hotel room prince concert without sounding totally ridiculous.

  3. aaron  |   Posted on Oct 14th, 2008 +1

    anderson cooper owns so hard

  4. that’s my boyfriend

  5. Shut up Kelly. Let the man tell his story. Jeez.

  6. Dorothy  |   Posted on Oct 14th, 2008 0

    I love him, but I love him best hosting this show!

  7. yeah kelly basically ruins everything with her special anti-humor powers of interruption with lame comments and then over-laughing

  8. One time I heard Kelly Ripa say she hates midgets.

  9. FormerEHS  |   Posted on Oct 14th, 2008 0

    Ripa was a complete ass in high school. She was mean and generally a jerk. Very clique-ish. Despised by about 99% of her class. The fact that she has such a “great girl” image only shows what a good actor she is. When AC is done investigating real news issues, he should take 20 minutes to look into the real Ripa.

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