Um, take the longest string of LOLOLOLOLs that you’ve ever seen and add a few more LOLs.

UK’s Thorpe Park will be opening a SAW-themed roller coaster in Spring 2009. The coster will feature a ‘beyond vertical’ drop of 100º from a height of 100ft (a 4.5 G-force experience), making it the steepest freefall drop in the world. Riders will also endure three inversions that will add another dimension to a whole new experience of adrenaline-fuelled fun for thrill seekers. The ride lasts 1 minute and 40 seconds, 30% of which will be inside the station building. The track is 2363 feet in length. Merlin Entertainment has been working with Twisted Pictures and Lionsgate to ensure total accuracy of the key elements from the Saw films.

Total accuracy of the key elements from the Saw films. Total accuracy. Riders will endure having their heads locked inside steel bear traps and be forced to find keys buried in each other’s intestines using only their teeth at 4.5 G-force speeds. Experience the thrill of being faced with your own mortality for no reason whatsoever when this roller coaster literally toys with you before sending you to a grisly and intellectually bankrupt death. Total accuracy of the key elements of the Saw films, but, you know, in a FUCKING ROLLER COASTER.

After the jump, the world’s worst advertisement for the world’s worst roller coaster.


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  1. Will Lindsay be riding this as an extension of the Saw Double Dog challenge?

  2. lmao. i almost wish people die on this roller coaster like the people from six flags. also, thorpe park? why isn’t the guy from saw british now? that’d be more badass than this ride.

  3. Well, they had to choose between a rollercoaster or a line of Childrens clothing.
    But…isn’t Saw over? Do they need anymore promotion?

    I’d be interested in seeing what is worse, the Saw rollercoaster (a ride based on a movie) or The Haunted Mansion with Eddie Murphey (a movie based on a ride). I think I already know the answer.

  4. Genevieve  |   Posted on Oct 14th, 2008 -1


  5. Ashley  |   Posted on Oct 14th, 2008 +4

    Despite what you’ve heard elsewhere, this is the reason I moved to the UK.

  6. This is actually so funny. Maybe key elements means they duct tape your mouth shut.

  7. “Key elemnets” prolly means a TV with the doll talking in the creepy voice before the ride. Maybe the restraints will look like chains… but seriously what more can you do?

  8. “OK ILL RIDE YOUR FUCKING ROLLER COASTER JIGSAW. Just don’t make me eat a persons eye which you placed in a stew of human remains and feces, so I can get a key to unhinge the reverse bear trap that you situated on my face so that I would appreciate life.”
    When will the world be done with this shit?

  9. This is the biggest WTF item I have ever seen. Also, I never want to go on that ride.

  10. say what you like, but this sounds pretty 100% badass, if you can choose to ignore (try so hard to ignore) the saw name.

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