There’s this anti-Palin ad running in Ohio about Sarah’s love of aerial wolf hunting. It’s insane:

(Via RadarOnline.) It’s funny to imagine Sarah Palin rolling around in her secret barn full of severed wolf forelegs that she bought for $150 each. I should write Sarah Palin wolf foreleg sketches for Saturday Night Live. Also, people with Alaskan Huskies must have been scared about their dogs’ legs being worth a total of $300. I’m obsessed with these severed forelegs. Where did they keep the severed forelegs? Whose job was it to open the foreleg packages and inspect the forelegs and mail the checks? Can we please have something called Severed Wolf Foreleg-gate?

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  1. Kevin  |   Posted on Sep 12th, 2008 +1

    OK. it’s time for a new petition.
    We (the internet) need to stop referring to everything that harbors the slightest hint of scandal as ___gate. Seriously, it’s really getting old. I think lindsay mostly said that in sarcasm, but still. You know why people called the Nixon thing watergate? because there was actually the word “gate” in “watergate”. Calling stuff ____gate is the worst.

  2. i dont care what you call it… this ad almost made me cry.

    i’m offering $150 to whoever can bring me sarah palin’s foreleg… i’m sure she’s hiding that part of her anatomy.

  3. They serve barbecued severed wolf foreleg at the new Hooters in Rancho Cordova, CA. I thought it would taste like chicken, but it actually tastes more like severed wolf foreleg. Mmmmmmm severed wolf foreleg….

  4. caringiscool  |   Posted on Sep 12th, 2008 -1

    it’s so weird that she’s comfortable with being publicly supportive of something so foul. i feel like people who like to hurt animals are usually forced to do that in secret.

    isn’t torturing animals the first sign of serial killers or something? while the idea of a female vice president who is also secretly a serial killer has some intriguing dramatic potential (dexter meets west wing), i’m not ready for the reality.

    here, here, becca. i’ll pay $300 US dollars for one of her severed forelegs. hopefully we can start a huge demand for them, and then the Invisible Hand will work out how to get us the supply.

  5. come on now.  |   Posted on Sep 12th, 2008 -2

    In Alaska, there’s a problem with wolf overpopulation. The wolves exhaust their natural habitat and turn to Alaska towns for food. The legalization of aerial wolf hunting stemmed from a wolf attack on a school where a six year old boy was mauled. THe state of Alaska granted 267 permits for aerial wolf hunting.

    In California, they legalized the hunting of mountain lions in central CA after hikers were attacked.

    It’s not sport, or future serial killerness. It’s eliminating predators. But, in this case, overly sensationalized to be a smear campaign. But ignorance is bliss and Palin is a serial killer maker!! If I believed in God, I’d hope she burns in Hell!

    • caringiscool  |   Posted on Sep 17th, 2008 +3

      there are absolutely more respectful, less ghoulish ways to deal with the overpopulation of a species.

      like, say, not running them to exhaustion and then shooting them in the face just because you can.

      if it’s so easy to shoot them with bullets in the winter because they have nowhere to hide, why not shoot them with enough tranquilizers to euthanize them or something?

      she’s a politician playing in the big leagues, so i am sure poor little sarah palin is will be able to struggle along in the midst of this vicious “smear campaign” organized by those thugs, the defenders of wildlife. hey, maybe she wouldn’t need to worry about getting ‘smeared’ if she didn’t have a history of making such morally questionable decisions!

      p.s. maybe kids and hikers should stop being so damned delicious and then mountain lions and wolves wouldn’t eat them so much.

  6. hogies  |   Posted on Sep 13th, 2008 0

    in response to “come on now.” hunting wolves for overpopulation is one thing but “aerial wolf hunting” seems a bit cheap. If the wolves are invading towns couldn’t the hunters kill them within their own backyards? And not have to fly into the wild to shoot them down?

  7. pringles  |   Posted on Sep 13th, 2008 0

    this ad does nothing to hurt palin except make the liberal voters who already dislike her, just dislike her a little more.

    i guarantee that there vast subset of the population that would see this ad as a good thing (i’m looking at you red states), because after all, if palin can institute “aerial wolf hunting”, than maybe she can finally institute “aerial al qaeda hunting”. these are also the people who would vote for her because she’s kinda hot.

    • mandy  |   Posted on Sep 13th, 2008 -2

      I totally agree with you, pringles. Anything that the liberals can do to hurt Palin. If Obama gets into office, we are all goners. He is the Anti-Christ, or just a mole for al qaeda.

      • donna rubino  |   Posted on Mar 11th, 2009 -1

        obviously you do not read your bible and do not know god or jesus and certainly do not know the meaning of anti-christ, you mean, cruel hard hearted republicans are anything but christian – would jesus approve of what palin is doing? would god? What kind of person shoots wolves and causes them tremendous pain and suffering and then goes into their dens and holds the pups and shoots them in the head, what kind of person does this – the answer SARAH PALIN, she actually takes part in the aerial shoots – now you have seen the anti-christ, pit bull with lipstick

  8. mandy  |   Posted on Sep 13th, 2008 -3

    I totally agree with you, pringles. Anything that the liberals can do to hurt Palin. If Obama gets into office, we are all goners. He is the Anti-Christ, or just a mole for al qaeda.

  9. I totally agree with you, pringles. Anything that the liberals can do to hurt Palin. If Obama gets into office, we are all goners. He is the Anti-Christ, or just a mole for al qaeda.

  10. jchilders  |   Posted on Sep 15th, 2008 0

    Lindsay, did your site get a replicating crazy virus? Those last comments creep me out, even if they are ironic.

    And while the whole SHOOTING ANIMALS FROM A FUCKING HELICOPTER deal is grotesque, I still think the making women pay for rape kits while mayor thing is worse. Can we please draw more attention to the fact that she tried to save a few bucks by handing rape victims an invoice?

  11. Joe Bobco  |   Posted on Sep 15th, 2008 0

    I’m with you, Becca. Hunting wolves from planes is just plain cruel! I’ll see your offer of $150 and raise it to $300. I’ll bet she cloven hooves.

  12. jchilders,

    So making woman pay for rape kits is worse than “Shooting animals from a fucking helicopter”? I think that being shot in the face, (after being chased for an hour by a plane (full of callous hunters) ) having your foreleg cut off and then bleeding to death is worse than having to pay for a rape kit as bad as that sounds.

    You look at everything only from your perspective. “Shooting animals from a fucking helicopter” is grotesque and you don’t want to get grossed out.

    No, “shooting animals from a fucking helicopter” is inhumane and cruel because these innocent animals are being killed needlessly by very barbaric means by cruel people who don’t give a damn if they cause these animals pain and suffering!

    Maybe when you grow up you’ll develop empathy for all creatures not just yourself.

  13. She’s rebuilding the land bridge from Alaska to Russia with the wolf forelegs you guys! Except instead of land bridge it’s like, “land/wolf forelegs that where harvested after I shot them from my sweet airplane and by the way my name is Sarah Palin bridge.”

  14. matt  |   Posted on Sep 4th, 2009 0

    Hey guys I just heard something totally crazy! I heard that animals kill each other every day! I even heard that wolves are a top predators, killing millions of other animals every year! Darn animals and their animal cruelty!! This needs to stop!

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