Whoops, we spoke too soon. While our original statement that this blog is not a place for serious political criticism was mostly accurate, there’s nothing to be done when serious political criticism and Diddy blogs collide. Also this is fucking amazing.

“You be like one heartbeat away, like, pffff, and, what? You president?”

Seriously, though. Pff, and what?

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  1. ALASKA, Mother Fucker?

    Where’s the reality in Alaska? There ain’t no…crackheads there. No black people…..no crime?

    Diddy – making sense of the Presidential Election process since 2004.

  2. y’all ARE buggin.

  3. Why did the government name him Sean Combs?

  4. “you would let her keep your kids?”

    I don’t have any, but sure.

  5. is he just circling around on a segue? I feel like I just read a book in a car.

  6. Amazing. I love how he’s so upset about her being from Alaska. Or what she might say to a man from South Korea if she becomes president. Are the other diddy blogs this amazing?

  7. Chadams  |   Posted on Sep 2nd, 2008 0

    That’s the last time I let him use my backyard to vlog – dude doesn’t understand the rule of threes when repeating things.

  8. the logic in use here, ONE, is infallible, TWO, this man makes millions upon millions of dollars…He is the american dream because if he can do it, I am pretty sure anyone can do it.

    I don’t think he even uses a complete sentence. Astounding

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