Starring a giant penis as Dick Move Batman, and some guy as his nemesis, That Guy. Dick Moves include pretending to be European to avoid tipping, and asking someone if they’ve accepted Jesus Christ as their personal saviour. Beware the Dick Move:

This would make a good video e-card. I like how the “dick” wears eyeglasses. (Thanks for the tip, YouTubeReviewed.)

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  1. The bespectacled dick totally makes it work. And thanks for the link, guys!

  2. What, he just follows him around and doesn’t even do anything about it when the guy makes a dick move? What’s the point? These guys kinda need to go back to viral video school to get their final credit hours if they want to graduate.

  3. Josh Rosen  |   Posted on Aug 29th, 2008 +2

    Wonder where one goes to buy a dick costume like that? I’ve got a real obnoxious lesbian neighbor I’d like to give nightmares…

  4. Hey, it’s Daryn Jones playing the dick. He’s a Canadian who used to have a pretty funny show called Buzz with a dude named Mista Mo. Last I saw him he was hosting MTV Canada.

  5. jlancia  |   Posted on Aug 31st, 2008 0

    Hey, you should go back to human being school and get a sense of humour. He isn’t going to get his dick gun out and blast the guy, he’s their pointing out the dick moves. The problem is that you don’t get it and everyone else does. That’s why your post is such a dick move.
    Where’s dick batman when you need him?

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