This video of a streched-out, unblinking, stunned-seeming cat reminds me of what I feel like every Friday afternoon. (Right?) It’s also adorable. I want a hypoallergenic cat that can do this trick:

Via Neatorama, who say: “This is one strange cat.” From the TV in the background, we can surmise that it’s a French cat, and from it getting up and walking around at the end, we can surmise that it’s okay. The expert commenters on metacafe suggest that the cat is either stoned or having a seizure, but I like to think it’s just had a long week of looking at the internet.

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  1. Well Lindsey, not to start a crazy cat lady thread, but my cat does something similiar and she’s not stoned. She doesn’t do it for as long and her arm doesn’t stick straight up. But the dead staring eyes and being all streched out, my kitty all the way.

  2. collective sigh  |   Posted on Jul 22nd, 2008 0

    sorry H.F.G but the best part about this cat is that it’s arms are all stretched out and it’s doing it for a long time. when your cat learns to do that, give me a call, until then. japanese cat: , HFG’s cat: 0.

    all the best cats live in japan. adorable

  3. i don’t think your conclusion is incompatible with metacafe’s, L

  4. the cat has multiple sclerosis and is having spasms…

  5. courtney  |   Posted on Jan 5th, 2009 0

    i think he’s having a daydream about being superman.

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