Some YouTube videos have been cropping up in the last couple weeks featuring the Muppets. It would be an obvious viral internet meme, but what’s weird is how professionally they’re made, with pretty Muppet-y looking Muppets and classic Henson-style playfulness and wit. They even have Statler and Waldorf jokes at the end. Where are these coming from?

They don’t even seem to be selling anything, which is weird. How am I supposed to turn the experience of watching these videos into spending money?

More Muppets after the jump.

Beeker’s “Ode to Joy”:

The Swedish Chef’s “Habanera”:

Statler and Waldorf

And, of course, the Sam the Eagle “Stars and Stripes Forever” that was the Friday afternoon blogcap du jour this July 4th:

Each video was uploaded by a different user, each with only that video on their YouTube page (except for Statler and Waldorf, who have four), and all of them connected as “friends”. There’s deumnborkborkbork, weirdowhatever, meepmeepmeepow, patrioticeagle, and heckleu247.

Will no one take responsibility for these? Sexman? Dancing Matt? Buehler? I AM GOING TO BLOW THE LID OFF THIS DELIGHTFUL CONSPIRACY! I’m like Julia Roberts in I Love Trouble.

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  1. From wiki:
    “There is talk of a new revival of the format, with FOX being the initial serious contender. Disney considered using the America’s Next Muppet mini-series to test the viability of a full-fledged series.”

    I would assume these are official, maybe a teaser for a new Muppet Show? Oh, man, that would be the best.

  2. Elena  |   Posted on Jul 21st, 2008 +1

    My guess was that it has to do with the new Muppet Movie that will be coming out.

  3. I think the bigger issue is that Statler and Waldorf are totally gunning for your job, Gabe!


  4. Pirate Jim  |   Posted on Jul 21st, 2008 +1

    I’ve heard that Jason Segal from Forgetting Sarah Marshall is supposedly making a
    new muppet movie. I saw this article too. Apatow does lots of viral marketing with all the movies he’s done, so maybe Segal is doing the same since they work together.

  5. Maybe someone finally got Brian Henson to let go of his Dad’s company. That dude did not prove to be a chip off the old creative block.

  6. Anon  |   Posted on Jul 22nd, 2008 0

    Last I heard, Phil Lord and Chris Miller (Clone High, How I Met Your Mother) were working on a new Muppets Movie (presumably the same one Segel is working on?). Wouldn’t be surprised if this were their handiwork.

  7. Are you serious? Have you been to There is no mystery. Disney finally figured out how to make the muppets great again: by giving them space and leaving them the F alone. Seriously, if you think the youtube videos are something, check out and you’ll see tons more.

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