Via CC Insider, Comedy Central has put up the first ten minutes of its new reality TV parody Reality Bites Back, where comedians compete for 50k real dollars by undertaking a series of challenges based on reality show cliches. Yes, it’s kind of a muddled premise, but the first ten minutes of the show, in which the comedians say extremely raunchy things in a dark room and then find out their mothers are there, looks promising:

“Hi, I’m Michael Ian Black. Very famous.” I hate when people say they hate MIB because he’s “smug.” MIB knows he’s smug. He’s trying to be smug. That’s his whole entire thing.

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  1. i love me some michael ian black and will watch the show because he hosts

  2. Wait a second Kyle Cease, didn’t that guy from 30 Rock (who is not you, I might add) already corner the market on those “funny” one liner hats? get a new thing. and do something about your face. or your eyeballs. something is creeping me out.

  3. Wait. Isn’t that Theo from Road Rules or Real World or Road Rules/Real Word challenge? Is he a “comedian”?

  4. Dan  |   Posted on Jul 10th, 2008 +2

    Theo went and changed his last name! It used to be something with lots of consonants and syllables. He’s so Hollywood now…I’m off to sit in the garage with the car running because I’m a 31 yr old man who vaguely knows Theo’s last name. Enjoy the show guys.

  5. Oh God. I can’t even hear the sound on this and I already know that I must watch this. I have a love-hate thing with MIB simply because I get that he’s supposed to be smug, but it still goes too far sometimes.

  6. Road Rules. He was the one that had never been around a black person.

  7. Ice Cream Gag! That was priceless!!!

  8. I highly suggest Michael Ian Black’s live show. I think it could sway a hater over to MIB’s side. It’s hilarious.

  9. Holy shit, Ashy Larry from the Marcy Projects, son!

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