Sordid Lives is a new soap opera/comedy/drama premiering on Logo on July 23. It’s based on a cult 1996 play of the same name, and stars Rue McClanahan, Caroline Rhea, Sparkle Motion choreographer Beth Grant, Olivia Newton-John, like 50 other people, and a gun. It looks sort of like Desperate Housewives meets Steel Magnolias meets a John Waters movie. This trailer for the series makes it look like a combination of every campy device or character known to pop culture.

Reasons it looks good:

1. Beth Grant!
2. The pill-popping montage.
3. The fact that it’s so crammed with hackneyed stereotypes that they must have done that on purpose as a self-aware kind of thing. I mean, right?

Reasons it looks bad:

1. If you saw this promo on network TV instead of Logo, wouldn’t you cringe and roll your eyes and probably call it homophobic?
2. Carson Kressly.
3. Intentional camp is hard to pull off.

But it could actually be totally meta: an intentionally campy show that’s actually legitimately bad, but in a good way. My brain hurts.

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