Remember the Ant vs Joe Rogan feud? Me neither, really, but Ant still does. It seems that Ant has been reading The Art Of War and quietly plotting in the year since Rogan accused him of joke-stealing. In this “rANT” for the Last Comic Standing site, Ant “calls out” some poor comedian for having a pretty obvious observational joke that is similar in tone, but not words, to some other comedian’s pretty obvious observational joke. Comedian feuds are the best, because comedians are all crazy.

The funniest thing Ant ever did was say the c word over and over in an attempt to not be shown on on the forgotten show Celebracadabra. Someone should steal that.

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  1. I am quitting comedy.

  2. Christina  |   Posted on Feb 13th, 2009 -1

    I’ve met ANT and he’s hilarious!! .. Can you say the word “HATERS”???

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