I’m sorry everyone, but I refuse to suffer through this alone. WHAT IS THIS?

I don’t want to date myself, but SPOILER ALERT I’m not 14, so I don’t get it. That video has 1.9 million views, which is less than the 3.5 million views Fred’s video titled “Fred Loses His Mind” received. He’s the 9th most subscribed person on YouTube? The weirdest part is that most of the comments are positive, with very few references to Fred being gay, Fred being a retard, or Fred being a gay retard. People like this. A lot. Fred is the Twilight of vloggers. I feel so old. CHILDREN, YOUR MUSIC IS TOO LOUD. YOU’RE NOT GOING OUT WEARING THAT SHIRT. WOULD YOU LIKE A WERTHER’S ORIGINAL?

At some point in the future, this child is going to be the president of our country, and you are going to be like “wha’ happened?” and the country is going to be like “deal with it grandpa” and you’re going to be like “but he doesn’t know anything about running a country” and the country is going to be like “he is the candidate I most want to LMAO with.”

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  1. madge  |   Posted on Jun 4th, 2008 0

    i couldn’t even make it through a minute of that.

    on a side note: gabe, i love any and everything you write. marry me?

  2. STM  |   Posted on Jun 4th, 2008 0

    Ally Sheedy’s tourettic cousin is right. We should all floss more.

  3. Randi  |   Posted on Jun 4th, 2008 +1

    WTF. Apparently I’m old too. This is 2:40 seconds too long. People are retarded. Also, Fred’s blood-covered cotton ball is gross.


    Dude and you straight killed me with the werther’s original, I am dead.

    Great job today, tiger.

  5. TC3  |   Posted on Jun 4th, 2008 -8

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  6. Maybe our generation can vlog-fight back with videos slowed down to chop-and-screw speeds while we talk about our rheumatic joints and the good old days of the internet like that ooga chaka baby and hamster dance.

  7. jimmy fallon is taking notes

  8. This is an insult to chipmunks everywhere.

  9. Gabe, you are one funny bastard. This post is genius.

  10. I’m right on the Gen X, Millennial divide….thank you for making my decision so much easier

  11. CH  |   Posted on Jun 4th, 2008 +1

    I need to show this to all my children-loving friends and my mother.

  12. Werther’s! Thanks Gabe.

  13. No joke, I’ve seen one of his videos before because my friend showed me. She showed it to like five of us, and she was laughing hysterically while the rest of us just stared confused. At the end, she was like “whatever, I thought it was funny.”

  14. fredmusdai  |   Posted on Jun 5th, 2008 -1

    can’t wait to watch fred dies..this is bullshit

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