According to our friends at Best Week Ever, this clip from last night’s Race for the White House With David Gregory on MSNBC features a fart from pundit and Meet the Press host Tim Russert. It’s about 14 seconds in.

While we have to applaud the eagle-eared fart hawks at BWE, it still seems like maybe they’re jumping the gun on this. It could easily have been David Gregory, or a gassy production assistant within range of a live microphone, who farted. And since Russert has not yet publicly smelt it, I think it’s our duty as fart journalists and members of the farterati to withhold declaring who dealt it. Ugh. Sorry, team. This is the worst. If anyone asks, Lindsay wrote this post.

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  1. sounded more like a shart to me

  2. I hope he defends himself on air like Bill O’Reilly.

  3. Clown Coffee  |   Posted on May 21st, 2008 -1

    That is host/asshole Keith Olbermann making a “keep talking” sound, like a “hmph” — sorry to fart your bubble. It’s not a fart. Unless, I guess, you consider everything that comes out of Keith-O’s mouth, which is an asshole, to be a fart. Which I do.

    • ok, it does sort of sound like a curt “mhm”, but i could swear i hear cotton fluttering, too. was keith talking through his undershirt?

  4. I think the fart was supposed to play them out (O’Reilly reference).

    Anyway, Lindsay you’re fired.

  5. Clown Coffee  |   Posted on May 21st, 2008 0

    Oh, it was David Gregory, not Keith-O? Same difference. I don’t take back what I said about Olbermann’s mouthanus. One word. Mouthanus. But it seems it was David Gregory (nee Gregory David, little known fact) who emitted the “hmph.”

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