Have you ever seen those PSAs about organ donation that mention the beloved late actor Jerry Orbach’s donation of his eyes to two people and thought “I wish someone would interview those two people about what it’s like to see the world through Jerry Orbach’s eyes?” I have, but this animated stand-up clip by comedian Matt Ruby is much better than that idea:

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  1. would someone please cover the adverts’ “Gary Gilmore’s Eyes” but about Jerry Orbach’s Eyes?

  2. I actually have a great idea that you can all steal now that it’s in the comments field for a web site.

    It’s for a romantic comedy called “Jerry Orbach’s Eyes.” In this rom com two people who used to be blind, but now can see, have Jerry’s eyes. They then meet and fall in love. And also realize they have the mysterious power to see the solutions to crime mysteries and see clues and become a crime fighting duo together, providing snarky comments while on the case and giving Sam Waterson what he needs to prosecute.

    Make it a movie, but always remember where you got the idea.

    • i saw a stand-up describe something like this last week, only he fleshed out the part where they meet really well: they both spot a body at once, and say the same corny Orbach one-liner (ie, a teacher’s body = “School’s out!”). the really skinny, young-looking BWE panelist? I forget his name now.

    • sean  |   Posted on Apr 10th, 2008 +1

      I’ve actually been collaborating on that script for the last two months. No Joke. Not a romantic comedy, but you’ll see it soon, I promise.


  3. Yes, John Mulaney has had a really hilarious “Orbach’s eyes” bit for a while.

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