Hello, hospital? All the women’s brains just exploded out of their pants!

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  1. SO his role in 30 Rock was no stretch at all for him, was it?
    He’s one handsome fucking man, and always has been.
    Poor Hamm.
    AND he likes to hang out with funny L.A. comedians who all like him.
    Tough life.
    *wanting to be Jon Hamm very badly over here*

  2. Woah, I just got high school pregnant.

  3. fake

  4. “That’s my desk.”
    Don Draper, age 16, age 37

  5. Oh god. He is so fucking handsome it’s silly. You are right again! My brain just exploded out of my pants.

  6. is that how women get erections?? with the brain in their pants exploding???


  7. I think he looks a little like Ashton Kutcher there, which, no thanks. Sorry!

  8. Yowwweee!! What a hunk a hunk of burning Mad Men.
    I want to do naughty things to him on the elementary school playground after dark.

  9. Jon Hamm on High School: “It was tough, for other people. We all went through those awkward years. Except for me.”

  10. My brain also exploded in my pants.
    Yes homo.
    (Sorry. I wanted that to work so badly.)

  11. I mean, is there any way he’s not a complete asshole? How can anyone be that handsome and successful their entire life and not be…?

  12. IT’S LIKE LOOKING INTO THE SUN. The sexy, sexy sun.

  13. At first, before I scrolled down, I thought, “whaaaa? He dated January Jones in high school? And he dressed like it was the fifties? Which it certainly wasn’t?”

  14. I dunno. I am a legitimate man-loving female person, but… I think he sort of looks like your d-bag lab partner who’s no help at all, because he and his foosball buddies are too busy making fart jokes across the room.

  15. Still think he only looks good as Don Draper.

  16. Peggy: You have everything. and so much of it.
    Don: I suppose that’s probably true.

  17. So many orgasms.

  18. “Charmer” is RIGHT, magazine photo caption! Hot damn!

  19. The internet makes me question my sexuality at least once a day. Kudos, photo of Jon Hamm.

  20. at high school bake sales he was always the first to sell out of his popular creations, “orange gatoradecakes”

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