Seriously, what is wrong with him? Something’s wrong with him, right? Is it a disease? IS THERE A DOCTOR IN THE BLOG?! Also, what’s up with this:

Yikes. Ron Artest, what is going on with you? Do you need to talk to someone? (Thanks for the tip, Gabe and Daniel.)

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  1. Your picture isn’t working, but if it’s anything like this:

    You’d see that this insanity dude has been cuckoo for cocoa puffs for a loooong time.

  2. Something long been wrong with ronron. I remember when he was with the bulls and in his second year, he’s making millions of bucks, but went and applied at Circuit City for a job…. for the discounts.

    dude’s got screws’ loose
    You crazy for this one ron

    • Can this thread just be a list of crazy things Artest has done. In Sacramento he was arrested for both domestic abuse and accidentally starving his dog. He is wearing number 37 this year because that’s how many weeks Thriller was at number one. He seems like a genuinely good guy, just bipolar and weird. You get the impression if he wasn’t really good at basketball, he would be a total outcast.

      • A genuinely good guy who got arrested for domestic abuse? Um…

          • If he makes many many dollars and is obviously bipolar, why is he not getting medicated? I genuinely do not understand.

          • So I’m obviously not a psychiatrist, just lazy. He may not be bipolar. I also am not aware of Ron Artest’s medical history so he could be recieving medication for several things. I do know there are any number of reasons for somebody to not seek treatment for a disorder however irresponsible they may be. I do know that outside of select incidents he is considered a model citizen and teammate. People have referred to him as “the nicest crazy person I have ever met.” His former coach Rick Adleman brought him on to the Rockets team because he had faith in him as a teammate and a human being. Reports of him being a locker room cancer are largely myth. He does however succumb to fits of rage that turn him in to a different human being. Legitimate and respected journalists have compared him to the Incredible Hulk in that regard. I maintain that he is all together a good guy with specific and severe problems.

    • I’ll tell you what’s wrong, he’s got a serious case of Kanye West Hair.

  3. Um, I can’t help but think his heart is in the right place. Execution, not so much, but still.

  4. Afghanistan | Basketball | Misogyny
    Take heed. This combination of tags has been known to lead to chronic ” :( “s.
    Also, no Ron Artest, you don’t feel their pain. You feel a big fat unwarranted paycheck.

  5. Hey baby girl, it’s ya boy Ron. I just wanna let you know that your man ain’t treatin you right. When he out all night, rollin’ with the Bedouins, kickin’ it after hours at the mosque, you’re stuck at home (technically legal obligated to be at home after 7pm), taking care of the kids and doing your veil laundry. Girl, I just wanna let you know you ain’t gotta burn yourself for your man.

    Let me show you Ronnie’s world.

  6. I’m Afghan and I don’t know how to take this. He’s in a park, rapping about Afghan women while being taped by cell phone. Hopefully every person I come in contact with won’t ask me if I’ve seen this video like they do with Kite Runner.

  7. It has a good message buried 100,000 leagues beneath the terrible hip hop, monstrous ego and lines like “she has the touch of a child” and “you make me say AAAAAHOOOOOH!”
    I think.

  8. as a celtics fan, i thought stop loving him when he joined the lakers.
    as a women fan, i thought i’d stop loving him after this video.

    as a fan of crazy people, i.just.can’

  9. This guy needs to get with Bangs and do a duet. Take U To Da Plastic Surgeon.

  10. I’ve been avoiding this video because I know it’s gonna make me sad, so can someone just lightly summarize it for me? Is it sad?

    • Not really sad, but you will be making this face the whole time:

    • basically it’s a montage of severely abused afghan women (burns, etc.) and then Ron Artest rapping about how that is sad, and how he’s there for them. “take your hands of her/ show her love/ and i know it’s not all of y’all/ but for the few/ who are treatin these women wrong”

      so in summation, yes there is something wrong with him, and yes i think it’s a disease.

    • Also, it seems he hired Two Times One Minus One to sing backup.

  11. “What he gives us: The Eternal Dry Humping of the Apocolypse”
    -the sage words of the Free Darko authors (

    Image taken from Free Darko’s excellent Macrophenomenal Pro Basketball Almanac

  12. The reak question is what’s RIGHT with Ron Artest? Cause it ain’t much.

  13. Listening to Ron Artest’s mumblerapping made me feel like the Princess Leia character reacting to Darth Vader in “Hardware Wars”….What? I can’t hear a word you’re saying.

  14. “Yeah, I walked in the shower. I’m not a homosexual or nothing like that, but Kobe had no clothes on.”
    – Ron Artest on entering the Lakers lockerroom to meet Kobe Bryant after the Rockets were knocked out of the playoffs last year.

    “I’m trying to be positive. I’m a big fan of the Nobel Peace Prize.”
    – Ron Artest during his 2005 suspension for entering the stands and attacking a fan.

  15. I’m surprised by the number of basketball fans here. I thought monsters hated sports! Apparently we’re all Free Darko-reading, Basketball Jones-listening, sports fans.

  16. real crazy is viewing a suspension for throwing fists at the crowd in detroit, as an opportunity to build on your rap career, then saying it, out loud, to other people.

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