Last night’s Park and Recreation really took it to the next level. Between last night’s episode and Duke Silver, they have clearly been sitting on a powder keg with Nick Offerman, but instead of gunpowder, it’s powdered gold. And laffs. Laff powder. Also, obligatory mention of Patton Oswalt’s cameo on Community. But probably the biggest stand out moment from the night was the dick towel from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. I’m not sure what it is, but somehow those guys have really managed to tap into the Power of the Internet. Ah-ah-ahhhhhhh. Is it because the people on the show are slightly younger? Is it because the show is on FX? Is it because of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia‘s early word-of-mouth grassroots success? I don’t know. I’m not Professor On-Line Integration over here. All I know is that the Dick Towel infomercial is after the jump, and it’s mildly NSFW.

The perfect stocking STUFFER. Get it? Yuck. Buy one here, or talk about this and other great Thursday Night TV moments in the comments.

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  1. “It’s like taking peyote and sneezing slowly for six hours.”
    Ron Swanson is amazing.

  2. Was it me, or did McHale look overtly tanned this Community’s episode?

  3. The Office has definitely recovered after it’s weird slump a couple of weeks back. Dwight and Andy’s nice off was hilarious.
    “You should never challenge my politeness”

  4. it’s very clear that the Always Sunny people get the internet. Kitten Mittens should be included in any conversation of what youtube is.

  5. But I really DID want to buy the kitten mittens. Two pairs.

    • unless you have a one legged cat (or a fat one or a thin one or an inbetween) i would certainly hope you’d buy two pairs.

  6. Gabe is a b!

  7. I’d love to see Andy’s Survivor audition tape.

  8. I was so happy that the Yankees were able to wrap up the World Series (some of us like sportz, Gabe) on Wednesday so I could watch the entire lineup. It did not disappoint. Community has been so good the last couple of weeks. Megan Mullally was great on Parks & Rec. And of course 30 Rock and IASIP were hilarious (bi-LARIOUS).

    • Except the World Series has been on Fox and you wouldn’t have missed anything on NBC?

      • Yeah, I know that. I meant that I, because I chose to watch baseball, couldn’t watch all of these shows on the night that they were broadcast.

        • OHH I SEE! Lo siento! I think of things on Fox being pre-empted for the games because I’ve missed Glee for two weeks now. I mean, I really do love baseball, but fuck you Yankees and let me watch Glee.

  9. I think I have the old school sense of humor Amy Poehler was talking about on Ellen, which basically means I’m a baby and laugh when people trip on things. When Pierce and the tiny-nipple guy (wow, he really does have tiny nipples) were arguing in the band room and throwing things, I laughed more than I did for all of 30 Rock. (That’s not true–the Jack-on-the-Subway stuff was hilarious.)

    • I think I have that same sense of humor – I got a lot of laughs out of Mac eating the contracts in “It’s Always Sunny”.

  10. Hey monsters, know what rules? CISCO! THE HUMAN NETWORK!!!
    I mean, I love 30 rock but that made me lose it.

  11. I thought Parks and Sunny were definitely the highlights last night. The League wasn’t as good as last weeks but it’s still better than most other shows on television right now, but maybe that’s just because I’ve got a man-crush on Paul Scheer.

    • I thought the The League was the funniest show from last night. I thought the “pussy” conversation they had at dinner was greatest moment of the night.

  12. I’m a little sad there wasn’t a similar website for “Kitten Mittons”. Also, where can I get a Dennis Reynolds shirt-popping off pen?

  13. I don’t even like Community, but the best line of the night was clearly Patton’s “I’m kind of the Hawkeye of this place.” #mashlaffs

  14. The Office has been kind of dark this season. Also, I don’t really see where Jim’s character is going to go now that he is the straight-laced manager type. It was more entertaining when he was pulling pranks on Dwight and not taking everything so seriously.

    • I’ve enjoyed the brief moments where he flexes his authoritative power.
      Like when Pam faked the emergency phone call as they were all heading out and Jim took the phone from her and said something funny into it that’s probably quotable but I don’t remember what it was so I’ll just guess and say he said, “You don’t say!” and then he hung up the phone?
      One could argue that he could’ve done that while being an equal of Pam’s, i.e., just a salesperson, but the fact that he’s her boss I felt added a necessary layer to make that moment as funny as it was.
      I would like to see more bits where Jim does things “Like a BOSS.”

  15. Wow, I don’t know if I can even continue to watch the Office anymore. They’ve completely lost track of what the show is.

    • Yeah, I can understand how it’s lost some folks. Thematically, this season seems to be all about the shifting dynamics and roles at the office and, aside from the atrocious ‘Mafia’ episode, I’m kind of digging it. While it’s definitely not as good as it used to be, I’m still finding the show light years ahead in quality in comparison to others shows that are just as old such as House, Desperate Housewives, Nip Tuck, Grey’s Anatomy…ugh, do people still watch these? I mean, I loved House but it flat out sucks this season (end rant).

      Now watch me eat my words when Dwight Schrute’s identical twin cousin visits The Office during sweeps.

  16. Philadelphia looks a lot more like Los Angeles than I remember it.

  17. Unfortunately, the bed bug plot line hit a little too close to home for me this week….serious case of the chew daddies. “I don’t have bed bugs, Kenneth. I went to Princeton.”

  18. That cat falling off of the coffee table because of the kitten mittons made me lose it for a solid 10 minutes.

  19. Loved Parks and Rec. It’s about time they used up some of the Ron Fuckin’ Swanson gold mine.

  20. Both IASP and The Office have turned overly goofy this season. But IASP has redeeming moment like “Kitten Mittons” and the Chase Utley letter.

  21. I wish the league had more football in jokes. When they did the Chad Ochocinco child please I thought it was hilarious. Its very rare that both my comedy nerdiness and my sports nerdiness collide, but I love it when they do. Its like how a jugallo furry must feel.

  22. “He’s evil Tracy?! OH! He’s evil, COMMA, Tracy!”

    Because he gives a fuck about an Oxford comma.

  23. “I am not robbing the cradle. If anything, I am robbing the grave.”

  24. “That woman really knows her way around a penis.”

    Yup, Parks and Rec was great. Always Sunny was good. The others were alright. The Office doesn’t have to be a laughapalooza to still be okay. It’s just the nature of that type of show, but the other shows definitely do. You hear that, Community? 30 Rock should know better. Actually, I hope everything’s better next week.

  25. I felt like Tracy Morgan was off this week. Maybe he taped this episode during the same week he broke down on “Fresh Air”?

  26. Was the lady of the night from It’s Always Sunny on Rock of Love?

    • Aaahhhh I thought that too! I think she was. She’s obviously putting that bit of her resume to good use.

    • Yup. That would be Heather.
      Get this: She’s a fame-crazy whore.
      Isn’t that crazy?!
      (In all seriousness, I actually cringed and groaned aloud when she showed up on screen)
      And alas, I know all this because I had the kind of time to watch her stint on Rock of Love back when she was on it. And I Love Money. And Rock of Love Charm School. But I was able to curb my problem and I am now Vh1 reality-show-free! Keep coming back, brother. You’re in the right place.

  27. “Kitten mittens are one size fits all!”

  28. Her resume looked a little like this:

    Talents: Wearing leopard print, hanging out in a bikini all day, tanning, jager bombs, champagne fights

  29. …HENCE AIDS!

    Abed may be my favorite character of all time. Lots of Laffs

  30. Kinda funny the office. Kinda.

    Dwight: Fish sticks are not an aphrodisiac. You?re thinking of deer penis.
    Dwight: If you clench your buttocks together while walking, you can really take the pressure off your knees.

  31. I may get mega downvotes for this, and I don’t know if anyone reads Nathan Rabin’s AVClub recaps, but I tend to agree with him that 30 Rock is way off this season while the Office is better now than a couple of years ago. In fact, I think 30 Rock has been steadily going downhill since the middle of last season.

    It’s just become way too manic, in an almost Scrubs-ian type of way. There’s no more character development of the minor characters and Pete, Frank, and Jenna have all become kinda one-note jokes.

    On that same token, I thought that the Office’s worst season was Season 4, during the writer’s strike, where there was too much “will they or won’t they” between Jim and Pam. Since they’ve gotten that out of the way in the last two seasons, I think the show got much better last year, and this year it’s stayed pretty solid. Since the Office is so good at telling dramatic stories and developing the characters, the laughs are funnier than 30 Rock’s, which is having a hard time keeping up with its own crazy pacing.

    But Parks and Rec and IASIP are the funniest shows on TV right now, hands down. Tom Haverford’s comment about “taking the low road” was insanely hilarious, and the beer shotgun commercial had me in tears.

  32. I’m a librarian. So that made Parks and Recreation pretty funny.

  33. I thought The League was super funny this week. I wasn’t jazzed about the premier, but it seemed to SORT OF find its footing this week.
    Also, dick towels are more racist than band-aids. Just sayin’.

  34. 69 comments.
    I’m glad to have broken this.

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