Huh? I don’t know! Although I will say this: whoever made this video deserves to date whoever they want. As long as they don’t murder and eat them afterward! I also appreciate that they used as broad of a definition of “President” as possible to also include Prime Ministers, Secretaries of State, egomaniacal dictators, and Popes. In this modern day of blurry gender roles and self-determined sexuality, it’s important not to impose our value judgments on president-sexuals. They want the same things we want: love, security, and to be dating someone that respects them for who they are while simultaneously being either a President, or very close to a President, depending on a country’s chosen (or imposed) form of government. Preferably one with a big MANDATE! (No politico.)

(Thanks for the tip, Godsauce and Andy.)

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  1. I will give you 100 galactic pounds sterling if someone can tell me this is a real show, and that I can download it.

  2. Can someone translate the lyrics for us? I think it would explain a lot (it wouldn’t.)

  3. Ypaaaaaaa!! is the new PAH!. Sorry, Marky Mark.

  4. I’d fuck Putin (obvs), marry the Pope and kill Hatoyama. Though not necessarily in that order.

  5. So if I’m Putin, do I feel bad about myself? I don’t think so… More importantly, if I’m the Pope, do I wonder, to the point of trying, if I can actually shoot lightning out of my hands? You better believe it.

  6. I love that bead of sweat on President Clinton’s head there at 0:50… And who can deny the power of seeing all those characters subtitled by Pope at 0:56

    Lots of love all the way around! Yay Japanese!

  7. Yeah it’s too early for this.

  8. This may be the least dignified thing to ever happen to Barack Obama.

  9. You’d think after all these years of crazy YouTubery out of Japan that my capacity for surprise and confusion would be diminished. But, nope, I’m once again sitting here wide-eyed and scratching my head. Kuhdooze, Japanese. I’m incapable of imagining what you will come up with next. I can admit that now.

    • it gets even better than that, because the video is not originally from YouTube but a Japanese website called Nico Nico Douga (Smiley Smiley Video). it works like youtube, except the comments scroll directly over the video as it plays. you can even somehow time your message to come on the screen at a certain point, so instead of commenting “:50 is pure gold” as i would on YouTube, my message “PURE GOLD!” would slide across at :50. it’s created by the same guy who created 2channel, the massive Japanese messageboard that inspired the birth of 4chan, blah blah internet, i need to go outside and see the sun.

  10. Seriously, Japan? We get it- you’re fucking crazy. Now tone it down a bit, OK? You’re making my head hurt.

  11. at 1:06 there is a magic:the gathering card with putin on it!!!!
    this is the best thing i have ever seen in my goddamned life.

  12. Not only is Hatoyama listed as “Japanese Prime Minister” and “???????? ?bird pokemon) but also as “???? (alien). Just throwing that out there.

  13. Okay I just have time for two quick comments for our friends from the East.

    1) Where’s Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir in this montage??? I want a new montage. Go make me a new montage, Japan.

    2) Well done with that giant bead of manga sweat on Bill, tho. That basically needs to be photoshopped into every photo of him, ever.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to get back to writing Kim Jong-Il/Vladimir Putin slash.

  14. Strangely enough, out of everything “WTF” in this video, the biggest headscratcher for me is the part at 0:28 where a guy on a Segway flies across the sky and says “Gyuuuuuuuuuuuun!”
    It doesn’t look like any of the other presidents/PMs/popes/dictators, so I’m going with Gob.

    I’m also a little saddened that Canada’s favourite PM Stephen Harper (he is not our favourite) is exempt from this girl’s boyfriend-having. I mean, who wouldn’t want a guy who dresses like

    to snuggle into every night and tell them about their day?

    • And he plays piano! And his favorite band is the Beatles! That’s gotta be good for something!

    • I would like to emphasize to all non-Canadian ‘gummers that that image is NOT photoshopped. Our Prime Minister dressed up like that for real. It caused a great deal of chuckles and discussion, and he went on a diet.

  15. the only thing that could’ve made this better in my mind is as if they had added a section on the president and first lady of cameroon. she is my power animal.

  16. Guess how I just spent my morning!

  17. I’m not sure if this ruins the video or just makes it a million times better, but it turns out this song is from a new erotic Japanese videogame, natch. Something about aliens crashing to Earth and brainwashing bosomy anime girls into becoming our new world leaders. Or whatever. Some enterprising gent took the game’s theme song and created his own wonderful piece of YouTubery as seen above. A pretty great English translation of the original game trailer, plus a brief explanation, can be found here:

    I hope that doesn’t spoil the magic for anyone. I was compelled to look into it because I love both videogames and anime tentacle rape.

    • Oh my God, no, this makes it so much better. That second video is almost more confusing than the one posted here. I will wire 100 galactic pounds sterling into your account as soon as you post your full banking info.

      • Just send a check to me c/o Barack Obama, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, Washington DC. I will be able to pick it up there because MY BOYFRIEND IS THE PRESIDENT.

  18. Vlady and Kimy
    Making out for aliens
    As rockets fire high

    A Haiku

  19. I really hope she goes with Hillary.

  20. I think we can all agree that Barack Obama is the most boyfriendable, followed closely by Kim Jong Il. Those wrinkles! Rawr.

  21. One of my tips made it onto Videogum! This is the happiest e-day of my i-life.

  22. As someone who is relatively well versed in anime, I can tell you this is my most favorite thing ever. The catchy, upbeat theme song, the bead of sweat on Bill Clinton, the stars and explosions, the various character introductions, everything about this is absolutely perfect.

  23. God why was I not born in Japan??!?! Thanks for nothing, Mom and Dad.

  24. i made it to 0:22 and had a seizure. good job intertubes!

  25. I like how every picture of Hillary is of her in the middle of a startled scream of joy.

  26. Japanese theme songs FTW.

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