My head is in a little bit of a yogurt cup this morning, but this still made me laugh. A lot. And I don’t even care about South Park! (Does anyone? It’s 2009! “Beefcake” was a lifetime ago.)

Haha. That is what you guys sound like when you play that game, btw. It’s like listening in a mirror.

UPDATE: This clip is a little different from the one that had my yogurt cup rattling on my head this morning (with laffs), but that clip has been removed, and at least this one works!

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  1. I’d like to see whales and dolphins with yogurt cups stuck on their heads.

  2. Forget it Stan, it’s Japantown.

  3. Video’s gone :(

  4. how horrible. i bet lady gaga is spinning in her, uh, face orbit about now.

  5. For Halloween I’m joining the trend as being Lady for halloween. Except while most of the girls are going for obvious pretty/weird…I’m going to wear a body suit stuffed with tennis balls, wearing a head orbit on the subway screaming Pokerface!

  6. No one will ever beat your boyfriend at this cover. Plus, Nosferatu is holiday appropriate!

  7. I still care about South Park.

  8. One could make the argument that no one cares about the Simpsons either.
    But then one would probably be e-stoned.

  9. I still care about South Park. And Cartman’s mom hasn’t even been in Playboy.

  10. You guys wanna talk about ain’t caring

    “Hello, I’m irrelevant.”

  11. I too still care about South Park, just about.

  12. I am fairly amazed that Southpark is still producing strong content, especially considering its first season was mostly about anal probes and poop.

  13. Dude that entire episode was weird, confusing, and grossed me out! And then that song came on, and redeemed almost the whole thing.

    But I don’t watch obscure reality tv shows about boats, so most of it was lost on me.

  14. I’m surprised this didn’t come up yesterday, I was lots of loving at this episode a lot on Wednesday. “FUCKA YOU, DORPLIN!”

  15. “PAH-PAH-PAH-Pokerface PAH-PAH-Pokerface” – Marky Mark

  16. This is probably the clip you had in mind Gabe:

  17. *stands up* “I care about south park.” *stands up* “I too care about south park. *stands up* “I care about south park also!” *stands up* “I care about south park.* slow clap.

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