You could spend your whole life trying to find a better pumpkin head Halloween dance than this, and you’d die a fucking failure. (Thanks for the tip, Amil.)

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  1. THANK YOU SO MUCH, AMIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. TREAT OR TREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Something strange, and it don’t look good.

  4. whhhhhhhat the hell kind of mickey mouse operation are they running over at the timbuktu CW?!

  5. That pumpkin head seems a size too small, no?

  6. The part with Tyson was where it jumped the shark.

  7. Do you know what guys.. I don’t think that is a “pumpkin head”. I think that’s just a guy with a pumpkin on his own human head…

  8. The WB never would have let them get away with that.

  9. He just won every season of So You Think You Can Dance.

  10. THERE’S the great pumpkin that linus was looking for

    • Judging by the budget and general bizarreness of that video I think the great pumpkin was looking for Linus’s Charlie Brown, if you know what I’m saying.

    • Someone always steals my pithy observation before I get here!

      In other news, I’m fucking moving to Omaha! First Election, and now this guy. Sign me up!

  11. Super spooky! Ever since the clown Beyonce video I always expect somebody to get injured in at the end of videos like this. Also, at the end there, was that anchorman totally just fondling the the weatherman up on that green screen?

  12. GREAT do you know how long it’s gonna take me to learn this? Halloween is on Saturday, Amil!

  13. Does anyone know how to make this everyone’s screensaver? Please help.

  14. This is like the ice cream and cake song! I’m just sitting at my computer, dancing along with the music, shouting “GHOSTBUSTERS!” YAYY

  15. Apparently, this is what Slimer looked like before he lost his body and become a ghost. He still ain’t afraid of ‘em!

  16. The anonymity a pumpkin head affords you is incredibly freeing.

    • Last Halloween I was assaulted by a pumpkin head. Quite literally, the head itself was thrown at me. I learned my lesson on cardboard box Halloween costumes ( I was AWESOM-O).

  17. Dad you are so embarrassing!

  18. My small heart just grew three sizes. Also, coolest news station to work for in the country?

  19. YOU BETTER DRUMLINE, Jason Suedeikis.

  20. If that logo hadn’t been in the corner, I definitely would have thought this was one of those porn-not-porn Youtube fetish things.

  21. My coworker asked me what song he was dancing to…

  22. He’s sort of fused Flashdance with MC Hammer shit.


  24. Jason Segel?! Is that you?!

  25. I wanted him to rock out the cabbage patch

  26. if we show this to the tibetan bell-ringing monk, will he push 2012 back a few years?

  27. apologies all round for the double post

  28. Those white hands! I thought such sweet moves could only come from a black man.

  29. Did anyone end up calling the Ghostbusters or what?

  30. This guy is wearing a wedding ring. Oops, That’s Your Husband.

  31. Oh. How right you are. The. Best. I’m fairly certain this guy has stolen every drunken move I’ve pulled in a crowded place to get an unadulterated LOL from my friends. And it’s to the Ghostbusters theme song? EPIC WIN.

  32. Look at the punching, you can see a ring! Someone married this dude. He’s our husband. He’s our dad. And our “kooky” uncle who drinks too much at family gatherings, why does he even show up anyway, our aunt divorced him 10 years ago.

  33. I think it’s your boyfriend behind that pumpkin.

  34. At first I thought this was an ad for Next Top Model because of all the smizing.

  35. NEW FAVORITE GAME: playing this muted while listening to different music.

  36. Oh. My. God. That is LITERALLY my local CW station out of Omaha. Should I be proud or embarrassed?

  37. Also, will one of you people who live in the future and understand technology PLEASE make a GIF of this guy ASAP?!!?

  38. Best birthday present ever. Thank you videogum, thank you

  39. Best birthday present ever. Thank you videogum, Thank you!

  40. I want to picture that man as Louis CK…because it gives me laughs.

  41. For some reason I keep imagining Dwight Schrute is under the mask.

  42. Headless Horseman and Charlie Kelly’s Green Man sure raised one hell of a kid!

    Nothing about this post is mediocre. Everything about this post is a gift. Thanks Amil!

  43. I don’t know what was better, the dancing, or when you realize THE ANCHORMAN(?) HAS NO TORSO.

      • Happy Jack Valentine is extraordinary! Notice that the description for Christmas Edition, which is from January 2007, reads: “He’s back – not in the graveyard, but in a festive setting. Here’s the pumpkin dance as recently aired on the KXVO 10:00 News in Omaha!” That seems to suggest that Pumpkin Head Halloween Dance appeared on KXVO as far back as Halloween 2006! Can anyone confirm? And if so, why didn’t you tell us about this sooner? PHHD has existed for three years and I didn’t know? That’s like if somebody saw The Departed in 2006 but kept it to themselves and waited until now to release it to the world. Shame on you, loyal KXVO viewer!

        • My bad. I’m a dummy. Of course PHHD has existed since Halloween 2006, as the main video of this post is from November 2006. Still, why have you eluded us for so very long, PHHD?

    • OMG! the part where he pulls up his tights mid-dance!!!!! pumpkinhead you are making my sorry day so much better.

  44. Apples in Stereo, “The Bird You Can’t See.”

  45. Well, it only took 25 years, but someone finally choreographed the perfect dance to Ray Parker Jr.’s masterpiece.

  46. Julian Casablancas “11th Dimension”… I’m pretty sure I read an interview somewhere that he made this song specifically for this video. It has to be true.

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