Christina Hendricks appeared on Martha, and then things got kind of uncomfortable.

The “I thought you were so much older” line is a total diss. If only Christina Hendricks had had the foresight to have the Greatest Martha Guest in the History of Martha, Amy Sedaris, on the other end of an earpiece giving her verbal sparring advice, she might have been able to come back with something sharper, like, “REMEMBER WHEN YOU WERE IN JAIL?” But the best part of this clip is when Martha Stewart asks Christina Hendricks if her character on Mad Men, Joan, loves her husband on the show. “Oh, you mean the verbally abusive, dismissive husband that raped me on the floor of Don Draper’s office last season? That husband? Do I love the awful rape-husband? Weirdly enough, I don’t love him. The writers on that show are terrible!” It’s OK, Martha. Lots of people don’t watch Mad Men. Granted, most of them don’t interview people from the show and ask them questions about the show, and if they did they might do some research beforehand, but, you know, you’re very busy (not being in jail anymore).

Or, Martha Stewart LOVES Mad Men, and just revealed that she has a very unorthodox view of rape!

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  1. Really, Martha? “I thought you were so much older?”

  2. I love how Christina is like, “Because we wear girdles and period clothing most people get confused and think the show is actually filmed in 1963, so they expect me to be about 70. I can totally understand how you thought I was much, much older. Yup”

    • I’m sure this is exactly what happened… Martha was expecting a sweet old lady to come out and say, “Ohhhh, yes, I so enjoyed doing the Mad Man programs… and I got to meet Liberace!”

  3. Martha doesn’t need to watch Mad Men, she LIVED IT. Betty Drape, here’s your future.

  4. Wait a second… she thought that everyone looked much older? She’s saying that Christina “The reason we all actually still watch television” Hendricks looks much older than *quick bit of web research… ooh research on her is quite distracting* 34? That’s just silly!

  5. What’s amazing to me is that she married this guy

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      • If she’s ever considered chubby, you can call me a chubby chaser. Like my grandmother always used to say “only dogs like bones, and even they bury them”. (My grandmother never said that)

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      • She falls on the side of you’re an asswipe, no one cares about your opinion.

      • You are gross.

      • man, totes almost knee-jerk said something crappy to you, but then i remembered that you are entitled to your opinion, even if it is reinforcing the ridiculously unrealistic, oppressive beauty standards that every woman has to struggle with in order to feel good about herself.

        i also question why her being chubby would even be worth commenting on. she’s working it on the show, she’s a sex symbol, i think you’re probably in the minority in your opinion, but even if she was chubby, is that a bad thing? are women not allowed to be chubby and be sexy at the same time?

        • Never said people are terrible for thinking she is attractive or that it is bad that she isn’t whisper thin. I just don’t find her attractive. It’s obvious I knew that was a controversial opinion. Apparently it also makes me an asswipe who isn’t allowed to have an opinion and gross (though according to the almighty upvotes, much more of the former than the later).

          • oh, i don’t think you’re an asswipe or anything, because i am an adult who is able to carry on a civilized discussion about potentially controversial opinions. and i totally recognize that (duh) beauty is all about tastes and i’m sure that, were sterling-cooper a real place, there would be people who worked there that found her a little round for their tastes and preferred someone slimmer, more like betty.

            i think your tastes are probably pretty common (if current advertising, casting choices and fashion design is any indication) and i think all “normal” sized women live in fear of the guy they’ve set their sights on thinking the same way you do, so it’s probably uncomfy for them to hear it voiced loud and proud. “hey, get your healthy BMI out of my face, shamu!” (mostly kidding.) that doesn’t mean you aren’t entitled to your opinion.

        • I think the question is pretty moot considering that the show is set in the 1960′s and people’s ideas about physical beauty were different back then, which is the whole point of having Hendricks as the sex symbol… though if this show were on ABC or Fox, they probably just would’ve stuck some skinny model in there and been done with it.

          • that’s a good point. she was certainly cast for her ‘va-va-voom’ appeal, which had to be a nod to the sexual tastes of the time. marilyn monroe was pretty soft and squishy, too.

            it’s fucking retarded that a woman as beautiful as her couldn’t get cast in that same role if the show was set in the 70s-forever.

    • The point is not that she should have “fawned” over Christina Hendricks. The point is Martha’s staff should have probably mentioned that her character got raped by her husband.

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  7. Martha doesn’t consider it RAPE-rape

  8. completely re-evaluating a situation with a big ‘Or’ is one of the highest forms of humor in my opinion. Whenever my sister used to get really upset she would say “I want to kill myself. OR, kill everyone else.”

    Out of context that doesn’t sound funny, now that i think about it. But we had a good laugh. She gets out in 15 years, with good behavior.

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  10. When Martha was 112 pounds and a model, she used to wear a girdle (which she DIDN’T NEED) under her bikini when she went to go-sees. Of course a modern actress wouldn’t know what a go-see is, because modern actresses don’t love rapists. They get proposed to with chandeliers, or something. Poor doctor!

  11. Is everyone on Mad Men a terrible person? I’m just wondering, since I don’t watch the show.

  12. Oh *sigh* Joan. I want to both be and do her.

  13. Christina Hendricks is what Elvis would’ve called a “handsome woman”. And Elvis knew his women.

    • see, i feel like bea arthur was a handsome woman. allison janney is a handsome woman. they’re women with strong, good faces who aren’t necessarily traditionally feminine-girly-beautiful.

      christina hendricks is definitely feminine. VERY feminine. like, my menstrual cycle just synced up with hers because of the power of her ladyness.

  14. Carrying out my daily Christina Hendricks Google image search, I can’t help but notice that when you type in Christina she’s lower down the list of options than Christian Milian.
    Just saying. There’s work to be done.

  15. Christina Milian. I don’t know who Christian Milian is.

  16. I’m no detective, but I think Martha might be the type of woman who is threatened by and stand-offish towards younger, more beautiful women.

  17. “I was once in a bikini and you looker younger than I thought. All about me, it’s a good thing.” – Martha Stewart

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