If only Paul Haggis was as good at writing movies as he is at writing incendiary letters condemning the Church of Scientology (of which he was a member for 35 years, which is such a ridiculously long time).

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  1. So that’s why Haggis was allowed to make movies!

  2. Nice one, Paul Haggis. Disavow the CoS after they lied about disconnection, but not after they forced your wife to disconnect from her parents. When they failed to respond to Church officials’ blatant homophobia, but not when the homophobia was happening. Perfect timing. Why don’t you write a clumsy and unsubtle film about it?

  3. Xenu will not be happy.

  4. I didn’t even know that Scientology was anti-gay. And I’m OT-8!

    • Omniscience and a mastery of MEST (Matter Energy Space and Time) didn’t help you see that they don’t like teh gays? This religion must be a sham!

  5. These are all great reasons to leave the organization, they are. But what about the BELIEFS?

  6. This is all Tom Cruise’s fault. “Sure I would love to join the Church of Scientology if there are no gays.” “Katie, we should disconnect from our entire immediate family in case there are any gays.”

  7. “I guess this means means Haggis was always a faggus. nnnnnnnnnneeeeAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!! AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!” – Tom Cruise.

  8. Just a side note, Tommy Davis is actress Anne Archer’s son. So, generations of CoS going on there….

  9. “Want some ice cream, faggis?” – Cruisezilla.

  10. Incendiary Letters > Crash

  11. Although no one appreciates Scienotology getting an old fashioned bitch slap more than me, I feel like his credibility is suspect. It took him 35 years to figure this out? He’s not exactly the brightest scarf in L. Ron Hubbard’s closet.

  12. We all grow up sometime.

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