Really, David Spade? Cashing in on the life and work of your friend for a cheesy Direct TV commercial? I hope that they gave you a million dollars tissues to dry the tears over your lost integrity. I mean, everyone has to put food on their family, and for the most part I do not believe there is such a thing as selling out, but what if that food is HAUNTED?!

This really is kind of despicable! What a day today has been. It’s too much. There is only one thing that can take this edge off:

That’s better.

Good luck with the sleeping at night and the not being crushed by existential shame over what you’ve become, David Spade. We will just be here. Getting this song stuck in our head. (Ad via DailyWhat.)

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  1. That was actually quite disturbing. It’s not like those other ones, where the actors were excluded because they look too ugly to pull it off, or they couldnt strike the deal with DirecTv… But this is just wrong. We know they had to resort to some fat look a like cuz the original is dead…
    Hot dog peppa pa pee pip pa pa pop pee, pip pa peep pa peep pa pip papi

  2. I have mixed feelings about this. Terrible? Yes. But I owe much to Direct TV for saving FNL. Free pass?

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  3. Thank you for reminding me that for every video of a washed-up has-been shitting his last credibility down the drain, there is one full of happiness and joy and bright colours and childish innocence. I recant my misanthropy.
    Now, I’m off to buy a cowbell.

  4. My soul is crying and dancing at the same time. It is a tragic scene playing out inside of me.

  5. I’ve heard the stories about High Def ghost imaging, but that’s just spooky.
    And how is that second video supposed to make me feel better? Now I’m mourning Charles M. Schulz all over again…

  6. In the words of Michael Bluth.. “I have no problem with that.”

  7. So much ugh. I saw this abomination over a dozen times last night watching the playoffs on Fox (UH OH, SPORTZ ALERT) with my father, and every time it came on we both just started shaking our heads in disgust. I actually was thinking of sending this to, but forgot.

    I really hope Direct TV yanks this spot because it’s fundamentally wrong from an everything standpoint.

    • I totally had the same reaction! (sportsgum alert) But seriously, so gross. Although I would contend that David Spade, up until this point, has never been on the list I have scrawled on the back of my trapper keeper of “peeple w tons o integrety”. That list, of course, consists solely of Roman Polanski. (dead horse, consider yourself beaten)

      • I just kept wishing they’d play the Black-Eyed-Peas version some more. (No I didn’t.)

      • “Gross” is the exact word I used when I tweeted about this last night. These DirecTV commercials are annoying, but I draw the line at using dead people to sell stuff (unless they’re Marilyn Monroe and the product is wine).

  8. Has David Spade always looked like an old lesbian?

  9. So which ladies are going as the Hot Pepper lady for Halloween? Do you like Pig Pen-like guys? Let’s talk.

  10. That video only gets better with repeat viewings.

  11. Only now David Spade has lost his integrity?

  12. quadruple x  |   Posted on Oct 23rd, 2009 -3

    The Poltergeist one is WAAAAAY worse.

  13. I hope this abomination puts Trent Reznor’s “Fringe” semi-appearance into perspective.

  14. One of my friends facebooked me (yes, facebook is a verb) that they thought they accidentally switched the channel to one that was playing Black Sheep. And I was like, “that’s not Black Sheep, silly; It’s Tommy Boy”. Because I have a PhD in 90′s comedies. I don’t really have much of a point. Just boo, David Spade. Chris Farley is the whole reason you have a career, and this is how you honor his memory?!

  15. estelle  |   Posted on Oct 23rd, 2009 +4

    he was on ellen yesterday and everything he said was a variation of “I’m rich!”

  16. David Spade and I share a birthday. According to The Secret Language of Birthdays, people born on July 22 tend to see a swift, meteoric rise in fame, fortune and happiness, only to suffer a swift, meteoric fall when they’re at their prime. So I guess he’s lucky that he had that 15 year lull between his prime and this Direct TV commercial. July 22ers are also characterized by a “blindness to their shortcomings.”

  17. Wait Until Tomorrow  |   Posted on Oct 23rd, 2009 -5

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  18. I think it would be funny if the actors from the driect TV spots started appearing in the wrong films. Like, David Spade in King Kong’s hand instead of Namoi Watts. High concept shit right there.

  19. mike  |   Posted on Oct 23rd, 2009 +8

    holy schnikeys. (sorry)

  20. David Spade has a child with a playboy model who went to my high school.
    So, he’s done worse.

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  22. Kyle  |   Posted on Oct 23rd, 2009 +18

    I don’t understand why David Spade even agreed to do this. I mean his career is at an all time high. He’s the best thing this side of Daniel Day Lewis.

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  24. langford  |   Posted on Oct 24th, 2009 +3

    I don’t know. I’m really torn on this. On one hand, it’s gross. Duh. But, on the other, he does have to put food on his family and is this any more gross than any of the other movies they make these commercials out of, just because Farley’s dead? I mean, people who worked on those other movies are probably dead. I’m not an expert in Spade/Farley studies, but they were super-duper tight, right? I guess I just don’t think this is all that black & white.

  25. Maybe instead they should have done the scene where Chris Farley catches him masterbating?

  26. After Fred Astaire danced with a vacuum cleaner the “morally reprehensible” line was erased.

  27. If the “normal” David Spade goes this low, where the fuck are we with Joe Dirt?

  28. why is anyone surprised by this? david spade is a dog.

  29. “Old customer” is what I call my gran when I’m patronising her.

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