The Spanish Cultural Ministry’s Film Institute has given Saw VI an X rating and it will only be shown in porno theaters. Een Spain, porn tortures you! (I’m sure I did that joke right.)

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  1. Sangre, holmes. The word is Sangre.

  2. I believe the spanish word for blood is “bluduh”.

  3. Actually, the Spanish for torture porn is “Tormento Pornograffi”.
    In related news, the Spanish for “Ludicrous Waste Of Celluloid” is “Ridiculo Merma a Celuloide”. So now you know…

  4. Hundreds of closet-creeps finally get the excuse they were waiting for to go into a porn theater without looking like a TOTAL creep.

  5. Any psychological harm they are trying to prevent the Spanish citizens is just going to be multiplied by a billion.

    “You thought that was freaky? Well guess what? We’re calling it porn. We just wanted to make sure you had the right context for how these feelings should be interpreted!”

  6. Pippy  |   Posted on Oct 24th, 2009 +1

    Personally I would rather be seen walking into a porn cinema showing clown porn than be seen going to see any of the saw franchise.

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