Before I talk about last night’s premiere of The Jeff Dunham Show on Comedy Central, I would first like to issue a couple of apologies. I’m sorry, Jay Leno, I was wrong. Your comedy is hackneyed, aggressively middlebrow, toothless, and focuses way too much on your expensive car collection, and your exit from the Tonight Show only to reclaim the 10PM slot was obnoxious. But you are the Louis C.K. of late night with the manners of Princess Grace compared to Jeff Dunham. And I’m sorry, Seth MacFarlane, I was wrong. Your TV shows are stupid, repetitive, poorly written, and insufferably scatalogical, and you yourself seem to be excessively arrogant and self-congratulatory, with terrible taste in leather jackets and hand tanning. But you are the thinking man’s (pre-Soon-Yi) Woody Allen, blazing Mark Twainian paths of comedic invention compared to Jeff Dunham and his horror show of backwoods racist, homophobic, misogynistic, anti-semitic, shithead puppets.

If I had to sum up my feelings and reactions to The Jeff Dunham Show in a single sentence it would be FUCK THIS SHOW IN THE FACE UNTIL IT DIES. But I don’t have to sum up my feelings and reactions to The Jeff Dunham Show in a single sentence. I can take as many sentences as I like. Here are some of them:

The Jeff Dunham Show is both hateful and hatefully unfunny. It features Jeff Dunham’s classic ventriloquism act taken out into the real world. Here is the very first segment of the show’s very first episode:

OK, so just to be clear, we’ve got a racist snipe at Barack Obama being in the White House followed by an extended homophobic riff, carried out in front of an actual homosexual human being’s face. Which is, admittedly, the amazing thing about this show. When it opens, Dunham explains that his fans have seen him on TV or in live concert talking about the experiences that he and his puppets have, but never actually seeing them in the midst of those experiences. And there is a huge difference between Jeff Dunham standing in front of a sympathetic audience spewing his vile, projected hate speech (look at how he can say the worst fucking things without moving his lips!) but it’s a somehow even WORSE experience to watch him stand behind a black man at a gun range with a stupid fucking redneck puppet on his hand and ask “are you practicing to buy drugs?” Why did that man not turn around and shoot him in the face? Mysteries are all around us.


Here is the the thing about Jeff Dunham’s act: it is disgusting and it is cowardice. It is disgusting because the racism and homophobia and misogyny and anti-semitism that he expounds is never funny, nor does it ever have any kind of point to it other than to express a genuine worldview, which is that niggers and faggots and women and kikes are to be feared and insulted. It is cowardice because Jeff Dunham has always hidden behind the intellectually bankrupt argument that the terrible things being said are the thoughts of his characters, not him. Right. Well, first of all, Jeff Dunham, you are not even that good of a ventriloquist. We can see your stupid mouth saying the things you’re supposedly not saying. And as if puppets themselves weren’t an old-enough-fashioned throwback themselves (people still like this? In 2009?), this kind of moral disingenuousness towards your own despicable behavior is some straight up George W. Bush caliber bullshit. But what’s so fascinating about The Jeff Dunham Show is how bold Jeff Dunham is in bolstering and supporting the vileness of his puppets. He never once corrects them or suggests that what they’re saying is inappropriate or even contrary to what he, the human being, thinks. He laughs at what they say. He encourages them to go on with their hate speech. And if you go back to that scene in the gay therapist’s office, the homophobic puppet has his mouth open, yes, but Jeff Dunham looks just as shocked and upset. “Did you know?” the puppet asks. “No,” Jeff Dunham says, his voice low and his face drawn, as if he too has somehow been tricked into being in the same room with a homo.


Of course, the most depressing reality of Jeff Dunham is how insanely popular he is. It’s barely even his fault at this point. If it’s broke, but it makes you millions of dollars a year, why fix it? Jeff Dunham can make his puppets say racist things alone in his bedroom all he wants, America is the one who actually made him famous. This show will probably be a huge success for Comedy Central. Whatever. Just another thing that we will have to explain to our grandchildren. “Sorry about how we live underwater now, and sorry that anyone ever found Jeff Dunham even remotely amusing.” The truth is that Comedy Central should be ashamed of itself for airing this show. Jeff Dunham is an afterthought compared to the dangerous legitimacy that the cable network is providing for his ideas, or the suggestion that what he’s doing is even comedy in the first place. Because it’s not. Just like spraying people with firehoses before setting attack dogs on them is not treating them as equals.

The only hope I can find in this whole mess is the fact that Jeff Dunham is hugely successful and finally got his own show, and the best celebrity guest he could find was Brook Hogan.

Yikes! Well played, Brooke. Taking your career to the next level, I’m sure.

But seriously, I’m actually hurt as a human being that this show exists. Oh well. I’ve been hurt before. But fuck Jeff Dunham. And fuck Comedy Central. There isn’t a jail big enough.

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  1. woozefa  |   Posted on Oct 23rd, 2009 +9

    silence, gabe! i keeeeel you!

    • woozefa  |   Posted on Oct 23rd, 2009 +40

      i’d also like to respond to my own post with the note that i fucking thing this guy is the antichrist. my ex-wife made me watch his christmas special. i wanted to murder someone while she laughed her ass off. maybe that’s why she’s my ex…

      • woozefa  |   Posted on Oct 23rd, 2009 +48

        plus, think not thing.

        this thread is MINE.

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        • I’m a hugh fan of Jeff !! Last night my mom sister & I all laughed our butts off at his latest show ! I SAY HE IS GREAT . I also find most of what he joked about most people realy believe . But are to afraid to say or deal with in their own lives . Life and times now are pretty screwed up and It’s pretty hard to find something to laugh about . Thank you Jeff for all the laughter you brought into my home !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! P.S my sister and I take care of our aging mother in my home.Anything I find to make her laugh like that I am in favor of .

        • Jeez, please for the love of God learn to how to write. I may not be the most articulate person in the whole galaxy but I know your writing sucks. Might I also say that I find it interesting that you claim to be seventeen because you write like a three-year-old. Who cares if these people don’t have the same taste in Comedy as you do? Why does it matter? If you like Jeff so much then this shouldn’t affect you. God, you’re so insulting, so don’t except people not to insult back. “All you do is sit your ass down on that f—ing couch of yours and do nothing” And what do you do??
          Sit on the computer write stupid, poorly written comments to strangers.

          • hermanschwantz i agree with you i mean i am a jeff dunham lover and i think he is funny but i have plenty of friends that think that he is not and they dont like him but that doesnt ruin our friend ship i understand what you are saying and i totaly agree with you that people have thier own oppinions!

  2. …….

    So is it ok if I like Entourage now?

  3. This helps explain Dave Chapelle’s abrupt exit from Comedy Central and validates every problem he said he had with them..

  4. I dunno dude. This sucks, but did you ever see Mind of Mencia?

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    The only show I would ever watch with a ventriloquist.
    Oh, and Freaks and Geeks.

  6. He going to be guest-starring in an upcoming episode of 30 Rock as a potential new cast-member for TGS.

  7. Hooray! I am glad there is now an outlet for my long-simmering Jeff Dunham rage! FUCKING PUPPETS GEARED TOWARD ADULTS AS NON-KITSCH?! REALLY!!

    And I am amazed and shocked and nauseated by how many of my otherwise intelligent and good-humored friends have recommended Achmed the Dead Terrorist to me on YouTube. “You do know there are people who are actually funny that do stand-up comedy,” I would try to say. “Eddie Izzard, Jim Gaffigan, and Dave Chappelle are very talented and funny and do excellent stand-up. Would you like to hear about funny people who are actually funny when they do stand-up?” But they would be onto quoting Jeff Dunham and not listening to me, and I would die a little more inside.

  8. I love it when Gabe says things like “Mysteries are all around us.”

  9. You mad!

  10. Wow, who wrote this script, Tom Cruise? Actually, it makes sense, Cruise hides his *alleged* homosexuality through homophobia, and him moving onto racism must mean he’s actually (dun dun duuun!)… black!

  11. I’m afraid to admit that there was a point in time where I thought that Dane Cook, Jeff Dunham and Carlos Mencia were funny, but in my defense I thought Jeff Dunham’s first special was a fever dream.

    Nowadays my main hope in life is that I meet the three of them in an elevator, and that I have a shotgun.


    • J-Dubb  |   Posted on Oct 23rd, 2009 -20

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    • Actually, the weird thing about that is, all of them actually were funny at one point. And it was the same point: the time of their first Comedy Central specials. Jeff Dunham’s first special is STILL funny to me, and not nearly as offensive as this. When I saw Carlos Mencia’s special, I thought his humor was kind-spirited and his conclusion was inspiring (no, really). And Dane Cook’s special was… not annoying? Ok, so I’m not sure about Dane Cook, but those other two actually were funny, believe it or not. But they quickly turned into monsters. Hideous, massive, fire-breathing, racist monsters.

      Conclusion: Fame makes you an asshole.

      • langford  |   Posted on Oct 24th, 2009 +12

        I’m kind of the opposite. I think Mencia and Dunham were always awful and Cook was less obnoxious when he started out. Still awful, don’t get me wrong, but he really did get worse with fame. Dunham and Mencia have always been racist; I remember reading Dunham’s wikipedia and his defense for his comedy is all, “I’m a Texan, y’all.” And as a Texan myself, that hurts. Because I’m a Texan and not a racist, homophobic jackass.

        • brother, I understand your pain. the hardest thing in the world to be is a texan outside of texas, because most people automatically take the worst examples of texans and paint the whole state with it. i have no solutions for you, but you’re always welcome out here in california.

        • Try being from Alabama living in NYC. Not saying Texans don’t have a beef too or that we’ve got it worse. But the only things yankees know about my home state is Sweet Home Alabama and racism. So many times people would be shocked I was from Alabama because I wasn’t a knuckle dragging xenophobic, racist, gay-basher. We Are Not Like That!!!!! The only thing worse than that were other Alabama ex-pats that trashed our home and played into the stereotype with their “I’m so glad I got out of there” shit.

          Of course there’s reasons we leave. Some of us want to see the world a bit more, but it is still a lovely place to live.

          Also ventriloquists, mimes and jugglers are NEVER EVER funny!!!

  12. an ex girlfriend of mine had an older brother that LOVED this shit. we were somehow forced to hang out with him and his friends one evening, and they put one of this douchefuck’s dvds on and were SERIOUSLY offended when we weren’t laughing. i hope he dies in a horrific backyard balloon accident.
    also a wtf… an old boss of mine thought that terrorist puppet was fucking hilarious… and this guy was from iraq, had family killed by terrorists, and he used to yell “I KEEEL YOUUUU” all the time at me. awesome jeff dunham, fuck right off.

    • “… they put one of this douchefuck’s dvds on and were SERIOUSLY offended when we weren’t laughing.”

      Man, what is up with people like that, anyway? “Look, I just don’t like the Barenaked Ladies, OK? It’s nothing personal! It doesn’t mean you can’t go on liking them!”

    • Yea, its odd. A friend of mine, young girl who works as a makeup artist in NYC and has many gay friends, might self-describe as a hipster if doing so was acceptable, was telling me how funny this guy is before I had even heard of him. After seeing him on the television set a couple of times, I think Jeff Dunham is interesting, because lots of comedians these days say a lot more shockingly uncomfortable things (Daniel Tosh, for instance), but once you get keyed in to the general tone of his “humor”, and then you look at his audience when they do reaction shots at the specials, you begin to place Dunham in the audience category. In other words, I think with Jeff Dunham, because he’s using puppets, and reacting to the puppets, we tend to identify him more with the audience, a certain slice of America who’s views many of us find (extremely) frightening. He’s accepting of the puppets’ worldview, which is, of course, his worldview, and in doing such, he implies acceptance on the part of the audience. Meanwhile, we’re using his act as a proxy to say what we feel about a certain class/stripe/slice/whatever of Americans that we would otherwise not defame as a group since its a relatively large group, and we may feel uncomfortable rationalizing about huge groups of people. We now get to project our criticism of them on to one man’s very lucrative (and that pushes it over the top) comedy act. In this way, Dunham becomes an acceptable target for sentiments that could plausibly be directed at a larger swath of the American public, whereas this is untrue of other comedians who do not dissociate themselves from their own material and then appear as though they buy into what they’re saying as truth in comedy. Because they can’t, they don’t have puppets.

      • can i pay you money to write papers for my wife who is going back to school? i know what you mean… also, i would like to direct my sentiments at much of the population… but when i think about doing that i get way too overwhelmed and my head kind of explodes a little as small pieces of my heart turn black. sometimes this place really bums me out.

        • Lately when I’ve been getting overwhelmed by the divisions in America right now, I think about all the shit that was going on in 1968, when politicians were getting killed, troops returning home were being spit on, civil rights seemed to be tearing the country in two, riots all over the place… I would’ve been scared shitless every day, living in paranoia, that the whole thing was going down the shitter tomorrow. It’s not yet that bad again, and I’m kind of comforted that they got through that more or less.

  13. So he opened his show with a “joke” about how Barack Obama is black? What the fuck. That’s the first impression you want people to get from your show? That this world is all upside down because are president is black? You know what it is a little upside down, because that was on TV. I’m glad you brought up the fact that his mouth always moves. It always reminds me of GOB. This basically is like if GOB and Franklin got a TV show, and that is a huge mistake.

    • There were THOUSANDS of people across the country plopping down in “their chair”, cracking open a beer, then banging their fist on the wall behind their head screaming at their kid to turn down the ICP.. who heard those magical first words about the president, and decided to give this show a chance cuz it just makes sense to them.

      I have a fever.. so I don’t have to grammatically correct.. or make sense.

  14. This show needs to be the worse thing on cable TV, how else is Comedy Central going to to Mind of Mencia?

  15. We are up against so much.

  16. I don’t get it. Was Dave Coulier a pseudonym?

  17. not sure about the show but it seems like Jason Sudekis is doing a pretty good job in that first picture. sweet chain.

  18. whyme  |   Posted on Oct 23rd, 2009 +7

    I must be living in some alternative universe. Can someone please tell me what is funny here so I can get with the program. Is it saying the word “pussy”? Dane Cook, Larry the Cable guy’s fart jokes, and now this guy. And these are the biggest names in comedy.

  19. Also, I fixed your two pictures for you:

    You’re welcome!

  20. On Mystery Science Theater 3000, back in the early 90s, Joel Hodgeson used to make fun of this guy and always mention the “Woozle named Peanut” in regards to bad, hack comedians. I guess the tragic point to this story is this: MST3K is gone from this world yet this guy is more popular than ever.

  21. Hey guys, listen, Jeff Dunham is obviously the absolute worst and should die in a fire and raked over coals (one for every awful joke he’s made), and Sarah Silverman is obviously great, but what is the difference between the two at times? Each uses a character (or characters) to voice offensive jokes (Silverman is quoted as such). I’m not trying to rile people up, but is there a line we can draw? Is it because Dunham might be giving voice to his audiences latent awfulness where as Silverman’s audience is laughing at the whole meta aspect of her comedy?


    Again, it needs to be said AGAIN that Jeff Dunham is simply awful. the worst.

    • Yes, that is the line.

      Comedians like this do one of two things. Thing One: Say racist/homophobic/terrible things as a means of highlighting the inherent ridiculousness/awfulness of those things. Thus, when Chappelle mined race for humor, he wasn’t just saying racist things. He was commenting on them. It was clear that he didn’t agree with these racist things, but that instead he was acknowledging that the racist things exist, trying to make sense of them, trying to comment on them, and in the process making them hilarious.

      Thing Two: Just say racist/homophobic/terrible things. Jeff Dunham is not commenting on the terrible things he says. If he wanted to, he could use his little Jalapeno puppet to mock racism towards immigrants and minorities, but he doesn’t. He just makes fun of immigrants and minorities.

      So yes, the line is self-awareness. The line is whether you are commenting on these horrible things, or just saying horrible things.

    • Lisa Lampanelli (sp?) is an even better example than Sarah Silverman. LL spent the entire duration of her HBO special hitting every cliched stereotype joke, whether racist, sexist, homophobic, whatever. Lisa does it with a smile and apologizes occasionally (breaks character because she’s trying to tell horribly wrong jokes) but in the end she thanks everyone and tells everyone they’re a good sport. I don’t get LL’s humor either, but at least she does not use PUPPETS!

    • *Snickers a bit at RIDICULOUS comment* Dude, my dad should die in a fire and have coal raked over him for every bad joke he’s made. Three words for ya: Things only die once.
      is that too complicated to understand? I’ll make it easier: We come into world and leave world one time.
      *Mumbles a bit while cursing in head* I can’t believe you idiots would actually judge someone you probally have never met. You know that makes you racist?

      • well it doesnt make them racist unless they are of a different race than the guy they are judging it just makes them look bad. now correct me if i am wrong but i am guessing that you think that this comment is ridiculous? well i totaly agree with the fact that if you havent met him dont judge him i mean what you people dont reailize is that jeff dunham is a very popular guy and that is why you guys think that he is the worst. I mean it is not his fault that his stuff is funny i mean if you dont like him then dont pay attintion to him! come on people if you dont have anything nice to say then dont say it! I mean if you dont like him then why would you go make a big artical about it? that is kind of calling the kettel black because you say that what he is saying is offincive and racist but think about it when you say mean stuff about jeff dunham and that he is the worst that kinda makes other people that like him and look up to him fell kinda bad. you should think about if what you are saying is going to hurt other peoples feelings! and not all of jeff dunhams jokes are racist! like the joke when his nine yearold had the dog and the retracting leash at full extent and then she retracted it and then let it go that was pretty funny! so please dont judge people!

        • It’s not the same at all. This article contains a justifiable opinion where as Jeff Dunham uses devices, such as puppets, to avoid justifying what he says. Probably because he wouldn’t be able to. Material can be culturally/artisically valuable and be found offensive by some. Jeff Dunham is basically just deriving fun from judging people as less valuable based on how different they are from him. Where’s the cultural value in that? It’s only funny of you’re really fucking insular and can’t deal with people’s individual differences. If so that’s your problem. Jeff Dunham’s comedy is an attempt to make it THEIR problem.

  22. Who would have thought that Willie and Lester would be the pinnacle of the medium? Fucking puppets…

  23. Marcos  |   Posted on Oct 23rd, 2009 -76

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    • Nah. They really aren’t.

    • “I wish Gabe would shut up about Eddie Izzard.” — me, to everyone but Gabe, constantly. 1983-2012

    • You forgot about Mitch Hedberg.

    • I don’t get the idea that we would “pretend” to enjoy certain comedy to appear intellectual. I laugh at what makes me laugh, which happens to be Bill Hicks etc. because they stimulate my mind in a humorous way. I don’t laugh at what doesn’t make me laugh, which happens to be crude stereotypes, jokes already done before by a thousand club stand-ups shouting and swearing for pennies, crass, divisive spiel that bring us no closer to world unity or peace and JEFF BLOODY DUNHAM.

      • I agree. David Cross and Patton Oswalt are two of my favorite comics but sometimes they forgot to tell jokes and just went off on G.W. Bush. Cross was worse than Oswalt. I don’t care that peple hate Bush. I understand it. He’s not my favorite. But if you’re going to trash him in a comedy bit, at least put in some effort and make a good joke. Will Ferrell’s Bush cracks me up to no end.

        So there is a big difference between what comics like Cross et al do and what Dunham does. First puppets can be funny, just not with jack ass ventriloquists. But just saying hateful things is not funny unless you take an angle on it to comment on how it is hateful and horrible. i.e. David Cross going off on the word “nigger” and why he hates all the “N-word” dodging that people do. He gets some shock value but that is not the point of the joke and it (the shock) serves the point that people are hypocritical and way too uptight about things. Or whatever. . .

    • i dont particularly like any of those comedians, but i do hate jeff dunham. i hope his daughter marries a black man.

      • that is racist y would you care who his daughter marries and just because jeff dunham has black people jokes does not mean that he hates black people that just means that he has black people jokes so dont say that it is mean and racist

  24. Marcos  |   Posted on Oct 23rd, 2009 -48

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  25. Pete  |   Posted on Oct 23rd, 2009 -65

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  26. Even in the sad, pathetic world of ventriloquism, Jeff Dunham is seen as a mouth-breathing, sell-out hack. And if you don’t believe me, just ask my friend Professor T. Smarty Pants. Whad’ya say Professor?!

  27. I just happened on this last night getting in bed…the previews looked awful so I never meant to watch it…but it was on long enough to hear a TOTAL RIPOFF of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia music between segments. Did anyone else notice that?

    I saw the gay therapist skit–even with my very low expectations I thought I must be missing something–apparently not?

  28. Professor T. Smarty Pants  |   Posted on Oct 23rd, 2009 0

    I wholeheartedly concur, friend.

  29. kevin  |   Posted on Oct 23rd, 2009 +7

    This headline belongs in “Duh Afficianado” magazine.

  30. Chris  |   Posted on Oct 23rd, 2009 -55

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  31. Zach  |   Posted on Oct 23rd, 2009 +2

    wow….almost makes me miss carlos mencia………..i take that back…..

  32. I hate how people who rail against ‘politically incorrect’ humor, as they are wont to call it, ALWAYS say “oh yeah you might act like you are offended but deep down, you think this is funny but you are hiding it because you want to be offended.’

    No. That is never the case. When things are just blatantly homophobic, racist, sexist, the whole trifecta, it’s not that we’re offended and giggling inside. It seriously is not funny. And the reason being that the aforementioned trifecta of offensiveness is just so easy and boring. All it says is “me better than those people. me smash people who are different.” And that’s not humorous to me because I don’t share that sentiment. What one finds funny reflects how they see the world. So no, I am not clutching my pearls while secretly laughing. I see this kind of humor for what it is: easy, half-assed potshots at people who have been the butt of jokes since the beginning of history. How is that funny?

    • Ugh, if this isn’t already apparent, this was supposed to be a response to the trolls above.

    • One of my roommates is basically like this. He says the most disgustingly racist and homophobic things and doesn’t understand when I get upset. “How come you get pissed when I say stuff like this but laugh when [our other roommate] says it?” Uh, because when he says it, he’s making fun of you and how ridiculous you sound. I dunno, it pisses me off and we’ve been getting into some pretty bad arguments about it. And the thing is, (he’s Indian, by the way) one day I accidentally said something aout someone speaking Indian instead of Hindi and he called me an “fucking ignorant bastard” and was pissed at me for a few days. This was probably minutes after he was spewing terrible hate speech because he thinks it’s hilarious.

    • hey i think that jeff dunham is funny and i am not homophobic or racist or sexist etc… y do you have to be a downer? i mean if you dont like him y do you give a fuck?

  33. I give it a year and a half before the show fizzles for either ratings or “internal” reasons, and Dunham is shipped to Vegas to live out the rest of his years playing shows to drunk, half-full audiences who don’t care at the Mirage, just like Carlos Mencia.

  34. ricky  |   Posted on Oct 23rd, 2009 +9

    i hated this show. i miss dave.

  35. ricky  |   Posted on Oct 23rd, 2009 -15

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  36. is there anything we can do to get this show off the air? like if enough of us write a letter will it make any difference? because there is nothing i want more than to bankrupt this fuck.

    • y so he and his family have to live out on the streets? wow can you not stand seeing other people have a successful happy life when you sit on your ass in front of a computer with probably no job or any thing like that? and jeff dunham is not a fuck!

  37. Trevor Ogle  |   Posted on Oct 23rd, 2009 +5

    This is awful, but this network also airs Secret Girlfriend, and the women in that show seem to be willingly participating. Scary stuff.

  38. Oh, man. Jeff Dunham… A year or so ago, my husband’s coworker asked if we wanted to borrow “a really funny DVD.” It was, naturally, the comedic stylings of your boy here, ol’ JD. We had never heard of him, so I can honestly say I didn’t know any better. We made it through about 10 minutes, tops. We discussed breaking the disc into shards and returning the case with a $20 and a note that said, “Please do not spend this money on Jeff Dunham merchandise.”

  39. I love it!  |   Posted on Oct 23rd, 2009 -5

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  40. I have a time machine.

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  41. Bravo, Gabe. I just had a mindgasm.

  42. Well there went my hopes for TWTVSOAT a Gabe has already found a winner by default.

  43. also, he is not a very good ventriloquist

  44. everyone makes mistakes, but at least I can go to sleep at night knowing I don’t make a living off of my mistakes.

  45. i miss jokes about airplane food.

    you know, i don’t know a lot about comedy, but i often wonder why comedy today is so overwhelmingly based on things that are racially or sexually offensive. (i’m not talking about vulgarity, just for clarification.) just watch a comedy central roast– even if it’s a roast of a white heterosexual man (like hugh hefner) somehow a lot of the jokes end up being racist ones. usually i can rationalize the comedic effect racist jokes have on people by thinking about how laughter sometimes comes from discomfort, like we laugh in the face of something objectionable because we don’t know what else to do. is that why it’s such ripe territory for comedians? one of my favorite comedians is patton oswalt, and i think the only group he goes after is the kind of people who would find jeff dunham funny. he actually does a funny bit on the subtle prejudice of the middle-upper class in northern virginia, where both of us are from.

  46. anotherasshole  |   Posted on Oct 23rd, 2009 -12

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    • “your laughing at the bigot”

      See, that’s the thing… I wasn’t laughing at anything.

    • No, this is where you’re wrong. You can draw a direct comparison between the Jeff Dunham sketch where he meets the gay therapist and the All in the Family episode where Archie Bunker meets Sammy Davis Junior. In both shows, we’re intended to laugh at the uncomfortable situation where a bigot is confronted with what he hates. That’s where the similarities end. In the JD sketch, they drag the being-gay-is-icky jokes out and not once does a single person in the sketch sit there and say, “You are wrong. You are homophobic. You are a bigot.” in a serious or funny way. The therapist isn’t in on the joke. In All in the Family, Archie Bunker is the butt of all of the jokes. Sammy Davis tells him sarcastically to his face that he is a racist. The object of prejudice is the person making the joke, not the other way around.

      The farthest Dunham goes in calling out the stupid “puppet” is saying that he has a “negative” attitude towards our president. Oh ha ha what is this world coming to? kind of humor. There’s a wide gulf between “negative” and out and out racist.

  47. The therapist should get his own show. I liked that thing about disrespectful Walter was being.

  48. I’m surprised no one has commented about the inherent stupidity of a ventriloquist ‘takin it to the streets’. Ventriloquism is a dead (resurrected thanks to this idiot?) medium and it really only makes sense on the stage. Seeing those puppets in the real world is just retarded. And this goes above and beyond the shitty material and general doucheyness of it all.

  49. marla  |   Posted on Oct 23rd, 2009 +3

    This is the first time I’ve actually sat down and watched Jeff Dunham. Before, I just assumed he was some lame comedian riding the wave of mediocre. Now I seriously want to punch him in the face.

  50. Dagne Bennett  |   Posted on Oct 23rd, 2009 -26

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  51. Adam  |   Posted on Oct 23rd, 2009 -20

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    • If you’re so sensitive to rednecks and their portrayals, shouldn’t you be mad at Jeff Dunham for his redneck puppet? And I think you’re not understanding equal rights. As a Gay (your capitalization, not mine) I think I need to point out that I’m ready for the good parts of equal rights. If getting made fun of on a “comedy” show is all we get with them, you straights can have them back! OH WAIT! I just remembered! That isn’t at all what happens when you get equal rights. That happens all the time on and off television in my everyday life every day for ever! J-Dun can make fun of me all he wants with or without his puppets, but I don’t have to like it and I can tell you or anyone that I don’t. I wish I didn’t feel like I had to explain that. I’m going to continue being gay now.

    • I’d just like to tell you that I’ve read a whole lot of Videogum comments and I’ve seen a lot of hateful ignorant opinions but this is actually the worst of them all.
      I hope with all my heart that your comment is some crazy kind of sarcasm aimed at fooling us all, because if this is really your opinion, and if you really created a new account just to say that, then you are the worst and responsible for everything that is holding back humanity.
      I hope this gets downvoted straight to hell.

  53. Lois  |   Posted on Oct 23rd, 2009 -17

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  54. Now I’m on the computer at the internet cafe that Lois and Dagne were using! Ew, way to leave muffin crumbs on the keyboard, ladies!!! Disgusting…

  55. Upvoting the normal, insightful Videogum commenters and downvoting the Dunham-loving trolls — what a way to unwind after work!

    • just because us Dunham lovers dont like the same things that you do does not make us trolls! you are kind of the troll! i mean i am a jeff dunham lover and i am not a troll you know that is kind of heartless! just because you dont have feelings doesnt mean eeryone else doesnt!

  56. Again, I’m tardy to the party. And I’d like to point out that I fraking hate Dunham. But I’m having a hard time reconciling the insane backlash the Australian blackface “comedy troupe” suffered, when Dunham is so fraking successful. There is no difference between the racist blackface and this racist/homophobic/whatever drivel! Why is it that “we” have such a problem with the other, but seem to embrace this?

    I hope you anti-obscenity folk(s) are happy. Now I look like a Battlestar Gallactica loving fool.

  57. YourGod  |   Posted on Oct 23rd, 2009 -21

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    • So, to sum up, complaining about a comedian is pathetic, but complaining about people who complain about a comedian causes missing children to be found, and life is precious, and God, and the Bible.

      • opinions vary isnt complaining about anything they are just stateing the fact that if you dont like jeff dunham then dont bother with him i mean if you dont watch him or listen to him and stuff then y does it matter to you?

    • I will never understand the old “people who are bitching need to spend their time on REAL problems like murdered children” argument. It makes no sense because it’s basically like saying “you aren’t allowed to have YOUR opinion, but here’s mine.” And then proceeding to bitch and complain about something that isn’t murdered children.

      • um it is not saying that you arnt allowed to have your opinion it is giving advise that instead of bitching about something you could worry about real problems. that is not saying anything about about droping your own opinion.

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    • “How dare you turn up your nose at all that perfectly good Jeff Dunham! There are starving children in Africa who would LOVE to eat that Jeff Dunham, and you just remember that, missy!”

  60. I would just like to add that I too do not understand the love for Jeff Dunham. When I first saw his act was available on CD I went “WHA-WHA-WHA-WHA-WHA-WHA-WHA-WHA-REALLY?!”
    I did this because I am used to awesome comedy and the humor in ridiculous ideas, and through my advanced Mr. Show study courses I was led to believe that there was a huge amount of irony in listening to a ventriloquist’s CD ALBUM. How do I know he’s not moving his lips?!
    But hey, I was also led to believe that causing destruction to the moon was also hilarious in its ridiculousness. But today? It’s science fact!


  62. no  |   Posted on Oct 24th, 2009 +4

    You can’t “fix” Jeff Dunham without spreading bad rep about him and convincing people to not watch. Gabe is doing what you’re saying he’s not. Also, anyone who is as retarded as Jeff Dunham and gets paid as much as Jeff Dunham isn’t petty. The money paid to feed and clothe that little shit could go to much better things. Financing an artists’ masterpiece, feeding a few struggling families, cleaning up a run down park.

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  65. Kingjing  |   Posted on Oct 24th, 2009 +2

    Send him and his puppets to Superjail!

  66. DuchessFeathers  |   Posted on Oct 24th, 2009 -11

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  67. Well, of course Mencia was always racist, but he used to be better than simply saying the word “beaner” and talking about how stupid everybody is. But Jeff Dunham wasn’t always so awful. In his first special especially, he was a lot more self-aware, and the humor wasn’t centered on his puppets just saying things like “He’s gay?” and “There’s a black man in the White House!”. There were actually jokes, and they were funny.

    Also, I didn’t see that arguement on his Wiki page, but I agree with you. That doesn’t work unless he said “I am the worst kind of Texan, y’all.” You have my sympathy.

    • Damn you, Internet!

      (That was supposed to be a reply to langford. I keep forgetting about that “preview” thing. Fucking internet.)

  68. Of course this horrible show was the highest rated premiere in Comedy Central’s history.

  69. At least now Jon Stewart has another defense when Fox News claims The Daily Show is bias news reporting. “Hey, my show comes on after racist ventriloquism!”

  70. I like to think that there are vigilant Jeff Dunham supporters in internet cafes all over this great country, just waiting for the next attack so that they can take a stand.

    Then I like to think of them spilling coffee in their laps.

  71. Jeff Dunham is as funny as my horrible case of gonorrhea. It’s not the bigotry thing, because lots of comics say horrible things and none of you care. It’s that he’s cheesy, hackneyed, and just plain not funny. Also, PUPPETS?! That OUTFIT?!! Come on, America.

  72. carlos mencia, larry the cable guy and jeff dunham are currently looking for the 4th unfunny, horseman to usher in the inevitable apocalypse

  73. Videogum love 4eva!
    Haterz can hate but they ain’t gonna bring us down!

    * But really Jeff Dunham makes me sick and is the worst.

  74. Jeff Duhnam more like (cough cough) Jeff DUMBham

  75. Jeff Duhnam more like (cough cough) Jeff DUMBham

  76. That show really pissed me off; particularly at that stupid segment basically all about homophobia. (Yeah, I’m gay. Fuck off, Dunham.)
    I didn’t have high expectations for this show whatsoever (moreso anything he has EVER done EVER), and I’m not surprised.
    See you next week, Dunham; not that I’ll be watching.

  77. That show really pissed me off; particularly at that stupid segment basically all about homophobia. (Yeah, I’m gay. Fuck off, Dunham.)
    I didn’t have high expectations for this show whatsoever (moreso anything he has EVER done EVER), and I’m not surprised.
    See you next week, Dunham; not that I’ll be watching.

  78. Agh, sorry about the double post. I’m new to videogum; I thought I had hit preview the first time. :(

  79. Clearly Jeff Dunham is the worst, but in the puppets’ defense I doubt I’d be funny if I had a “comedian” with what looks like hair plugs hand up my ass. Because you know, how they’re separate entities and all.

  80. I’m just happy to know I’m not the only person who thinks Dunham is one of the unfunniest “comedians” I’ve ever seen. It’s not even so much that he and his puppets are offensive. I kinda like offensive humor, when it’s done right (e.g. Louis C.K.). But I was forced to watch his Christmas special with my roommates because they said he was hilarious. The whole time I was just mad and depressed that I had to sit there and watch this tool while his audience brayed like jackasses.

  81. Yeah, if Micheal and Micheal have Issues gets canned for this shit then its good bye cool world.

  82. Also his hair makes me uneasy but I don’t know why.

  83. I know I’m pretty late to this hate-party, but I just discovered how Jeff Dunham is getting viewers. The power recently went out in my house and fried my DVR, making it practically impossible to watch TV- it’s convinced that I’m taping The Jeff Dunham Show. Every time I try to change the channel it switches back. Because sadism?

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    • If you don’t like it don’t watch it, you say. Yet you’re complaining about this blog, saying it’s full of ignorant people; well if you don’t like this blog then YOU don’t visit it. Aren’t you sort of contradicting yourself? Also, you should learn how to use punctation. Use commas and what about using only one period, instead of everytime writing “…”. Also, how are the users on here hateful in everyway? Back up your comments. God, you’re dumb. Learn to write.

  87. His characters are just like real people in this world but grossly exaggerated for comic effect by playing on tired stereotypes like some naff comedy hack.
    Malcolm Hardee would have run this guy over naked on a tractor without a second thought.
    Let’s hope he tries his luck at a London comedy club where he conservative shit will be booed off within seconds.
    Also mr cantbuytime, everyone here is stupid except you, thanks for your enlightened words and un-necessarily typing of everything twice including full stops.

  88. Looks like I arrived too late to this hate party.
    I’ll have to wait til his movie comes out now.

  89. I didn’t go through each and every responses on Jeff Duham negative or positive, however, there have been a plethera of comedians (very successful I might add) that make fun, to the point of incredible uneasiness. Jeff Dunham is so funny. I laughed my head off and took nothing personal regarding being black, jewish, gay or whatever I may or may not be….Get off the fucking cross we need the wood!

  90. Stereogum misses the point once again.
    Jeff dunham is not offensive, atleast not to minorites, women or homosxuals in particular. The problem is not his “worldview” because its most likely not his worldview. I seriously do not beleive Jeff Dunham is racist, homphobic or a misogynist.
    The problem is that he´s not funny. There´s nothing wrong with racial humor, or with saying offensive, shocking things. If you beleive comedy should not offend, I have a couple of friends named Lenny bruce and George Carlin you might want to talk to.
    No, Dunham´s problem is that he´s not funny. What´s offensive isnt the subject matter of his jokes, but that he, and others, actually beleive he performs legitimate comedy. Remember when Michael Richards simply yelled “Nigger” over and over again in a comedy club, and it wasnt funny? Jeff Dunham does the same, only with puppets. The problem isnt what he´s saying ( racist, homphobic remarks), the probelm is what he isnt saying: Anything that could be remotely mitaken for comedy.

    • there is nothing wrong with racial hum our as long as it is intelligent and is saying something about racism and satirising attitudes towards race. jeff dunham’s act is the equivalent of pointing and laughing at a fat kid however. and of course he is racist sexist and homophobic, why else would he put so much effort into purveying these ‘jokes’ unless he really thinks like that. i mean come on, it’s not as if the show is even TRYING to be subversive in anyway. he’s a hack!

  91. Hey gabe, your a homo lol

  92. Its a sad day when you write an entire essay about why you don’t like someone. I don’t like Lee Evans as a comedian but you don’t see me writing hate all over the internet. its a comedy show, i’m sure Jeff Dunham knows the line and the people who participate in the comedy sketches are aware of the type of comedy that he does and the type of comedy that they are going to be involved in

    Jeff Dunham is funny and very talented, I can honestly say that to learn an art like that takes skill and a lot of effort, added with the fact he can do all of those voices without moving his lips is incredible

  93. Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see

  94. Hi, I’m Jeff’s daughter. You can call me Alley. Listen up, punk! It’s your fault the show is going off air! Punch me, I’ll bruise, cut me, I’ll bleed, curse me, I’ll turn the other cheek, hurt my family, I’ll get revenge… Now stay out of my family’s life! I hate you! I don’t get why it’s always Dad’s fault! He’s trying to get money is all! How do you think he gets his money?!? Working on the streets? WRONG! IT’S FROM COMEDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU’D ACTUALLY SAY THAT ABOUT SOMEONE YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!! HOW COULD YOU?!? MY DAD ISN’T RACIST! IT WAS A JOKE TO MAKE HIS AUDIENCE LAUGH! THANKS A LOT! NOW A BUNCH OF PEOPLE WON’T SEE THEIR FAVORITE SHOW BECAUSE YOU GOT IT CANCELED!!! I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU!!! YOU-YOU-YOU!!!! Grrr! I can’t stand how people judge my father on his jokes! They lie about him! Saying he sleeps with his puppets! That’s just-just insane!!! He MAKES his own puppets, not buy them at a novelty comedian store! YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED!!!!!!!!

    I’m Alley Dunham and I approve this message.

    • i am sad that his show doesnt air anymore and i really like his show and i wish that i could watch it i am going to watch every episode on line if i can find it! i am your dads biggist fan! i would love to have a comidiean for a dad it sounds fun! i bet you dont have a dull moment in your life! i love his jokes and i love his puppets my favorite is peanut!!!!!! i cant wait until he is in washington and near covingtion becuase i am going to get a tickit and go to his show!

  95. I used to think this guy was funny, cos I adored Jose Jalepeno…but I was a troubled teen, and I was abused by mom around that time.
    After I moved out and recovered I watched the xmas special on dvd….and was hurt to realize…that most of his jokes weren’t the same anymore…I was very uncomfortable, and didn’t laugh as much at it as I used to.

    This guy needs to be put in counciling, He’s a lunatic White-Supremacist! :C

  96. Yup, never like this ass-swipe.

  97. I’m gay and I laughed my fucking gay ass off with my boyfriend! I love this guy!

  98. He is a comedian, they make their living off of offensive subjects. Greatest part its America you don’t have to watch him. I am surprised, if you hate him some much why waste your time writing about him.

  99. ok so i have a few things to say here i know that i am super late but i dont care! so here it goes

    Gabe I am going to quote you because there is some stuff you said that kind of got me thinking the first one is when you said “but it’s a somehow even WORSE experience to watch him stand behind a black man at a gun range with a stupid fucking redneck puppet on his hand and ask “are you practicing to buy drugs?” Why did that man not turn around and shoot him in the face?
    maybe the guy didnt turn around and shoot him in the face because maybe the guy was a fan of jeff dunham? not everyone hates him like you do!

    another thing that got me thinking is when you said “Right. Well, first of all, Jeff Dunham, you are not even that good of a ventriloquist. We can see your stupid mouth saying the things you’re supposedly not saying.
    I think that jeff dunham is a good ventriloquist and the only way you can see his mouth moving is when you look at him and only him and when you say the things that he is supposedly not saying… what do mean i mean its not like he thinks that it is the puppet not him he knows it is him!

    A third thing that got me thinking is when you said “But seriously, I’m actually hurt as a human being that this show exists.”
    um you shouldnt be hurt as a human being that this show exists because you dont have to watch it if you dont like it! no one is making you watch it!

    I am 14 years old and I am a fan of Jeff Dunham! as shocking as it is that Jeff Dunham has a fan it is true so I know that this is your opinion but you know you could keep it to your self i mean what pissed you off so bad that you had to post this i mean it is not like the show is killing you or something like that! i mean seriously! the reason that he is doing what he is doing is because he is good at it! and i dont care if you think that he is not because that is your opinion and i have nothing against you for that it is just that i dont see why you have to go and post something like that… oh well that is your opinion and i have mine but please dot say the F word and call Jeff Dunham to go effing die or what ever it is that you said.

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